Review: “Monsters, Inc.” 3D Blu-ray – Pixar favorite opens doors to new detail in 3D, includes hilarious “Partysaurus Rex” short

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There’s no doubt “Monsters, Inc.” is a classic Pixar film, not only featuring now-beloved lead characters Mike and Sulley, but also spawning the upcoming sure-fire prequel “Monsters University.” It’s also one of the first films to truly stun audiences with its level of computer-generated detail, down to each fiber of Sulley’s blue hair.

Now released to Blu-ray 3D for the first time, the world of Monstropolis draws viewers in more than ever. Though the 3D re-release of “Monsters, Inc.” to theaters didn’t perform as well as previous Disney attempts to revitalize old films, it’s not because of the technology itself, utilized perfectly in adding new value to a 12-year-old movie. Nearly every frame of the film is enhanced by 3D, ranging from wild scenes like the roller coaster-style ride through the door vault in the movie’s climax to simple moments like Mike and Sulley sitting side-by-side watching TV.

The added dimension makes the already vibrant colors pop even more and the aforementioned details are even more apparent on this new release. There’s an even greater sense of these virtual locales being real places, not just computer renderings. It’s a worthy revisit to an already excellent film.

Most of the bonus features are inherited from previous home releases of “Monsters, Inc.” nearly matching those included with the standard Blu-ray release. But there are a couple new additions that make this release even more enticing, the best of which is “Partysaurus Rex,” the new Toy Story animated short that originally ran in front of “Finding Nemo 3D” in theaters. This trip back into the “Toy Story” world stars Rex, the usually inept dinosaur with stumpy arms who now finds his arms allow him to be the life of the party when bath time toys convince him to turn the water back on and start the rave. Hilarity most definitely ensues.

The bloopers that originally ran over the “Monsters, Inc.” credits are now also included in a full frame extra, presented not only in high-definition but also in 3D for the first time. They’re just as funny as ever, also featuring Mike Wazowski’s company musical. And, of course, there is a brief preview of “Monsters University” to prepare fans of this film for the next encounter with these characters, due out in theaters on June 21, 2013.

“Monsters, Inc.” Blu-ray 3D is a solid release, particularly for those who don’t already own a high-definition copy of this film, which is a must-see for its attention to the tiny details that create Monstropolis and its cast of characters. And it’s a stunning example of the capabilities of 3D, aided by the fact that “Monsters, Inc.” is simply a great film.

“Monsters, Inc.” Blu-ray 3D is available now from Amazon and other major retailers.

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