VIDEO: Conan O’Brien endorses “Seven Flags” theme park (not Six Flags!) featuring Mister Mouse, Snow Black and the One Dwarf

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For this week’s “Fan Corrections” segment, late night talk show host Conan O’Brien debuted a “real” commercial for the Seven Flags theme park – not to be confused with Six Flags – featuring some rather interesting rides, characters, and food.

As a regular viewer of Conan O’Brien, I was excited to find a message from Diana at Team Coco in my inbox a few minutes ago, alerting me (and now you) to the hilarious bit.

Just thought you might get a kick out of this video – we dreamed up the worst theme park in the world.

Fan Correction: Seven Flags Theme Park Doesn’t Exist!

Fan Mike Patterson thinks he caught Conan miscounting flags, but it’s actually Mike’s number that’s up.


Watch and laugh:

I’d love to meet styrofoam Conan in a park some day, though unfortunately it seems Seven Flags is sadly closing next month.

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