‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ stage show to debut at Disneyland in summer 2013 with colorful characters

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Drawing a page from “Fantasia,” Disneyland has announced a new stage show to debut in summer 2013 called “Mickey and the Magical Map.” The show will be performed in the Fantasyland Theatre at Disneyland park and will feature the wizard Yen Sid sharing a tale of a map with magical transportation abilities.

UPDATE: “Mickey and the Magical Map” will open on May 25, 2013.

The sorcerer’s apprentice Mickey Mouse winds up stumbling into an adventure that features Disney characters from “The Jungle Book” to “Tangled” and everything in-between. Disney has released a few pieces of concept art showing off the colorful stage presence:

New live entertainment was first announced for the Fantasyland Theatre back in August 2012, along with details of the Fantasy Faire project currently under construction near Sleeping Beauty Castle, opening spring 2013.


  1. Amanda

    It’s Epic Mickey: The Musical!

    1. Chaz

      That comment totally just made my day!

  2. Samantha

    That is the first thing i thought of too!! It’s the paintbrushes all that, this will be interesting.

  3. josh darkensins

    I was really hoping this theatre would be torn down for an eventual disneyland fantasyland expansion, maybe someday when disney decides to get rid of that ugly god forsaken tent.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    I really wanted the theater to be torn down too and the land used for a new attraction or two.

    1. josh darkensins

      eventually. I guess =T

  5. itselguapo

    Mickey and the magical map…… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like something that could pass off for a SNES disney game.

  6. Reesie

    I’m glad they are finally using the theater again. I was sure we’d be stuck with Fantasy Fair forever.

  7. Dave Bates

    Looks like the set is all video projected. I hope it doesn’t feel cheap.


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