Review: “Up” Blu-ray 3D – Pixar’s most unique film doesn’t need 3D to continue to touch home audiences

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The story of a young boy, a grumpy old man, and talking dog embarking on a worldwide adventure was just quirky enough for Pixar to make “Up,” now available on Blu-ray 3D. But this particularly unique film doesn’t need today’s latest technology to be enjoyed. In fact, it barely makes good use of it.

Any adult who says they don’t tear up during the first 10 minutes of “Up” is lying. The touching story of Carl and his lifelong partner Ellie is powerful, so much so that Pixar has delivered some of the strongest animated filmmaking ever put on screen, without even using any dialogue. Those introductory moments set up Carl’s character for the remainder of the film, lovable but understandably unhappy. The rest follows his unexpected journey with a few unpredictable characters across beautiful landscapes and scenery.

All of that translates quite well to high-definition, looking brilliant on Blu-ray. But “Up” has been available on Blu-ray since 2009. Disney’s newest release adds 3D to the mix, completely unnecessarily. When “Up” was released in theaters, the 3D presentation added little to nothing. The same is true at home. The movie is fantastic, but doesn’t ever utilize the potential depth to warrant wearing glasses (unless the goal is to simply look like Carl).

Bonus features on the new 3D release are all borrowed from the 2D Blu-ray from three years ago, leaving this copy an unneeded purchase except for those who don’t already own it.

“Up” is available now on Blu-ray 3D from Amazon and other major retailers.

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