Review: “Dick Tracy” Blu-ray – Calling Disney, Calling Disney: You forgot the bonus features

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More than 20 years ago, actor-director Warren Beatty mostly successfully brought the classic “Dick Tracy” comic character and world to the big screen, borrowing an aesthetic, tone, and composer from Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman.” But while the film stands the test of time, it apparently isn’t seen as good enough to warrant a glorious first-time release to Blu-ray, instead arriving in the most bare bones package imaginable.

“Dick Tracy” looks decent on Blu-ray. It’s been “digitally remastered,” but in high definition plenty of graininess persists. It clearly hasn’t been given the royal treatment. The film still looks and sounds like a product of the ’90s, even more noticeable with today’s Blu-ray presentation.

It’s clear Disney had no intention of offering any more than an HD release of this film. Not only is the picture only marginally better than previous DVD releases, but on Blu-ray the film completely lacks any bonus features whatsoever. There aren’t even old making-of features recycled for this release. Instead, the included digital copy is the only extra. Popping in the Blu-ray offers a single viewing option: the movie itself.

Considering the variety of zany characters and entertaining music throughout “Dick Tracy,” at least one bonus feature taking a look behind the scenes, even retrospectively, would have been a plus. Instead, this release is almost a total bust.

“Dick Tracy” is available now on Blu-ray from Amazon and other major retailers.

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