Giveaway: Win Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears and ‘Epic Mickey 2’ as our Inside the Magic podcast hits 400 episode milestone

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In celebration of our 400th episode of the Inside the Magic podcast, we’re holding an epic contest, giving away copies of a highly-anticipated Disney video game along with a few highly sought after Disney collectibles.

Disney Interactive is providing several copies of ‘Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’ for a joint giveaway, both here on as well as on Show 400 of our podcast. The two contests have similar prizes, but are mutually exclusive, so be sure to tune into the show to enter both for more chances to win!


Three winners will be chosen to each receive:

  • 1 copy of ‘Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’ video game for the platform of your choice (Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3)
  • 1 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ear hat (the original blue Epic Mickey variation, not the red ones sold in Disney’s theme parks)

  • How to Enter

    There are two methods to enter for a chance to win this giveaway:

    ENTRY METHOD 1: Comment at the bottom of this post with the name of the Disney attraction you’d most like to see show up in distressed form as part of Epic Mickey’s Wasteland. (When commenting, be sure to completely fill out the form, including your name and e-mail address so we can contact you if you’re chosen to win.)

    ENTRY METHOD 2: On Twitter, follow @InsideTheMagic and post the following phrase in its entirety:

    Behold the Power of Two. Follow @InsideTheMagic & RT this to win “Epic Mickey 2” and Oswald ears! Contest details:

    You must be following us to have a chance to win via this method.


    The contest period begins with the publishing date and time of this article and ends December 9, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Three (3) winners will be randomly selected from all entries. Entry Method 1 may be used once per person for the duration of the contest. Entry Method 2 may be used once per day, per person, for a total of nine (8) possible entries per person. The winners will be contacted on or around December 10, 2012 either via e-mail or direct message on Twitter, depending on method of entry. Any attempt at duplicate or fraudulent entries by the same person using multiple email addresses or names will immediately disqualify that person from the contest.

    Podcast Contest

    Separate from the giveaway described above, three more winners will be chosen from those who correctly answer a few trivia questions posed during Show 400 of our podcast, so be sure to listen for more chances to win!

    Good luck!


    1. Rene Horton

      Would love to see Rock n Roller coaster in Epic Mickey!!

    2. Sean Embury

      Happy 400th. Thank you for all the fun

    3. Mathieu Brunet

      Journey into Imagination

    4. Justin Forsythe

      The teacups!

    5. Todd Messer

      What an awesome question. I’d most like to see Splash Moutnain show up in distressed form as part of the Wasteland! It would be so cool to see the various decorations throughout the ride be transformed and all of the wonderful Brer characters replaced with blots and other baddies. Plus, the end of the ride, the huge drop, could be changed into a drop into a paint bucket of sorts.

    6. Haley Hurt

      The neatest thing to see in the wasteland would be to incorporate the original steamboat as in steamboat willie or the brooms from sorcerer mickey….

    7. Adam

      I would most like to see the new Test track 2.0 in a distressed form as then it would most likely look like the old version!

    8. Jimbo Romano

      I would love to see “It’s a Small world in a distressed form, as part of Epic Mickey’s Wasteland, it would look awesome

    9. Austin Hubbard

      I’d love to see Maelstrom, complete with trolls, show up in the Wasteland.

    10. Jeremy Crittenden

      The Enchanted Tiki Room!

    11. Juan

      I would like to see Countdown to Extinction in the new Epic Mickey game!!

    12. Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin would be pretty cool decked out to Epic Mickey.

    13. Nick Galvan

      The Skyway, would love to see Oswald and Mickey in the buckets.

    14. amanda

      haunted mansion

    15. My firs thoughts were tomorrowland, but then I was thinking Adventureland, particularly the Jungle Cruise could look real creepy with a Wasteland-like makeover. Wonder if the jokes would still work?

    16. Holly Craig

      I would love to see Cinderella’s carousel in the game!

    17. Great show! Listen every week! Keep it up! Would love to see Epic Mickey explore some extinct attractions. For instance, just outside of Mean Street he could uncover some manhole that leads to the world below where all these former attractions have gone to die, then explore Horizons, Body Wars, or the original Journey to Imagination. That would be Epic!

    18. Kyle

      I’d like to see the original journey into imagination.

    19. Roddy Barros

      Stitch’s Great Escape. But THAT would be the distressed attraction. Then you’d help put it back the way it was SUPPOSED to be, meaning you’d end up with Alien Encounter. πŸ˜‰

    20. Faith Russell

      Ooh, this is a toughie. Living with the Land would be my first pick– I could envision all sorts of creepy things they could do with it!

      What an awesome giveaway!

    21. David

      Storybook Circus restrooms FTW!

    22. Morgan Vincent

      I would looooove to see World Showcase as rundown and broken…..I mean what is spookier then all those different buildings in a grouping, broken down, sagging and covered in Cobwebs and maybe some sort of creature lurking in the water. Would you be able to use the friendship boats, who knows. Maybe that would be part of it. But DEFINITELY world showcase.

    23. Tim Rachuba

      I’d like to see the TTA Peoplemover!

    24. Darren Mosher

      I think the Carousel of Progress could be really creepy if distressed, especialy the dog!

    25. eugaet

      I’d like to see It’s A Small World!

      1. James Wieland

        Swiss Family Robinson

    26. Avery


    27. Thom Gimborys

      Oh so many choices…..I would say its a toss up of Space Mountain or The Haunted Mansion. With the HM it could be the normal the first time and then when you go back it could be the Nightmare Before Christmas version. That would be AWESOME πŸ™‚

    28. Christopher Hope

      I would Love to see the Tower of Terror in Epic Mickey. It would be interesting to see what they can do with the whole Twilight Zone thing.

    29. Derek Poitras

      I would love to see Mission: Space included!

    30. Joe Messina

      I would love to see the Imagination pavilion in Epcot distressed in Epic Mickey. Mickey and Oswald fighting along side Figment and the Dreamfinder would be EPIC!

    31. Dorien Segers

      Big Thunder Mountain would be a great attraction for this game !!!

    32. Geoffrey Ocampo

      I would like to see Astro Blasters in the Game!

    33. Sarah

      Splash Mountain would be a fun attraction to turn over, all the colors and mischief with Briar Rabbit would just add to it… Also it may be fun to see Philharmagic… on top of Donald running around between the animations, having oswald and mickey create more magic in them.

    34. Dave

      How cool would a distressed version of Tower of Terror be?
      But probably Big Thunder Mountain Railroad would lend itself best to the distressed look.

    35. Kathryn

      I think the new Little Mermaid Ride would look amazing.

    36. Chantel Polizzi

      Definitely the original Tiki Room! πŸ™‚

    37. Sergio

      I’d love to see The Tower of Terror re-imagined and even more distressed in an Epic Mickey game.

    38. Jessica White

      I’d like to see the Tower of Terror.

    39. Caitlyn

      I would absolutely love to see Big Thunder Mountain Railroad distressed! That would be really, really cool!

    40. Erin Carpenter

      I would say Toy Story Mania. The possibilities would be awesome. Love the show. Thanks for all you do.

    41. Krista Miller

      It’s be awesome to see Toy Story Mania in a distressed version!

    42. Roxana Barriere

      I’d really like to see how the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle are going to look in the Wasteland.

    43. chris long

      The jungle cruise distressed would be really cool. The back side of swamp!!!

    44. Edgar M.

      Journey into Imagination! I’m sure that would look uber trippy!

    45. Carl Q

      I think the EPCOT (golf ball) would look cool distressed.

    46. Pete Shenton

      I would love to see a distressed version of the Haunted Mansion. All sorts of ghoulish and crazy things could be going on within the mansion. There could be a portion of the level where Mickey and Oswald ride a short version of the ride itself, or there could be endless corridors of baddies hidden behind doors and hidden passages along the way. Maybe they could hear the original score of the ride and follow it to uncover a boss? Would be a creepy, yet hilarious portion of the game. Been listening to the show since Show 1 keep it up πŸ™‚

    47. kim holt

      So many obvious choices but how about Club Cool. Maybe you have choose a flavor to drink – could add life or make you crazy…… πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance to win!

    48. Mandi Mae

      This is a hard one! I would love Journey Into Imagination, the original one!

    49. Kim Lopez

      Omg, I’d love to see Future World in EPCOT distressed. Like, the Life Pavillion with rotting crops and Spaceship Earth all rusting and falling apart.

    50. Phil Iannitti

      It be killer to see Expedition Everest in Epic Mickey. With the snow setting and the presence of the Yeti, that could be an amazing environment.

    51. Sean Stangland

      Jungle Cruise

    52. Becky Hyde

      Haunted Mansion

    53. Paul Apel

      Mickey Mouse Review

    54. The Wonders of Life Pavilion. The helix in particular could be quite startling!

    55. Greg A.


    56. Mare P

      So many choices, but I would have to say that our family would love to see Horizons!

    57. Erin M

      I think Mr Toad’s Wild Ride would be cool!

    58. Elizabeth

      Jungle Cruise!

    59. Kayla

      It’s a Small World.

    60. Diane Sutton

      I would like to see Living with the Land distressed

    61. Jason Linton

      I’d love to see Big Thunder Mountain as part of the distressed wasteland. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    62. Erin

      Test Track

    63. Charlie ague

      Most definitely would love to see Horizons.

    64. Sarah Hanisko

      Definitely Pirates of the Caribbean.

    65. Mary

      I would love to see The Haunted Mansion show up. I know in the first game there was the Haunted Mansion but I would love to see it make another appearance.

      If another one could appear, perhaps Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. I think either of those would be a fun addition.

    66. Pam

      Pirates of the Caribbean. Even though that’s already pretty distressed. πŸ˜‰

    67. Brent

      Haunted Mansion!

    68. Drew

      Spaceship Earth!!!

    69. Shawn B.

      Rock N Roller Coaster!

    70. Marian

      haunted mansion…tho how much more distressed can it get

    71. Michael F

      Either Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, or Test Track

    72. Todd

      Alien Encounter!

    73. Steve

      Grand Fiesta Tour

    74. Horizons at Epcot Center!

      1. Eric Korchnak

        Splash Mountain.

    75. Sahra

      I would love to see the jungle cruise I love that ride and I think it would be awesome to see it in the game..

    76. Sean H.

      The original Journey into Imagination! Talk about an epic level!

    77. Isaac

      I would really like to see the Haunted Mansion in there!

    78. Danielle Fenn

      Happy 400th! I would love to see Splash Mountain in a distressed state in Epic Mickey’s Wasteland. The distressed characters and setting throughout the ride would be awesome, not to mention what the drop at the end would be like!

    79. Phillip

      Pirates of the Caribbean.

    80. Michael Fender

      Expedition Everest

    81. Robert W.

      Definitely Spaceship Earth. That would be neat to see.

    82. Holli B

      The Tower of Terror

    83. Tami C

      I would LOVE to see Peter Pan’s Flight included in Epic Mickey’s Wasteland! Thanks so much for this oportunity! :o)

    84. Justin Muniz

      Haunted Mansion.

    85. Chad Oliver

      Maelstrom just because that ride is so undervalued and I think it’d make a great level with the mystical aspect of it.

    86. Allison Cola

      While this technically isn’t an attraction, I think New Fantasyland would be perfect because the backstory of the expansion fits! Looking at the backstory on, it’s almost exactly how things happen in Epic Mickey!

    87. Terri B

      I would love to see Small World!

    88. Denny M.

      The Emporium! Retro souvenirs come home to cause a commotion!

    89. Lindsay F

      Splash Mountain! That would definitely be epic!

    90. Greg Vedders

      Peter Pan’s Flight

    91. Grant May

      The Carrousel Of Progress is my choice.

    92. Morgan Widmaier

      I think seeing Small World distressed would be crazy!

    93. The Imageworks playground.

    94. Matt Stringham

      Splash mountain!!!

    95. As much as Haunted Mansion is my all-time favorite attraction, I think I would like to see an extinct attraction show up for the purest-type fans. So I would have to go with Horizons or Mr. Toad (for the WDW folks.) Happy 400th! πŸ™‚

    96. Kimberly

      Splash Mountain!

    97. Brad

      I would say Mad Tea Party (perhaps it would have a similar feel to the scene from the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland).

    98. Karsin Gowdy

      It’s a Small World would be great!! And the robotic dolls in distress with the theme song all scratchy all scratchy in the background would be awesome.

    99. The Tiki Room would be cool. I can imagine all the birds and tiki totems in a distressed, creepy setting.

    100. Tom Auel Jr.

      I would love to see Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

    101. Derek

      Horizons; it’s perfect for it.

    102. Elizabeth Ward

      Peter Pan or Haunted Mansion

    103. Ben

      If it could be any attraction, I’d vote for “20,000 Leagues” — Current attractions only, I’d vote “Space Mountain.”

    104. Chuck Lejeune

      The Haunted Mansion!

    105. Nick Dakuginow

      Thought about this from the first game, easily the Tower of Terror.

    106. Jeff Carey

      Spaceship Earth – cracked like an egg!

    107. Meghan Vedders

      Peter Pan! πŸ™‚

    108. Jim

      The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    109. Otto

      I love to see the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage in there. It’s not there anymore but needs to live on forever and would make a wonderfull underwater level for sure!
      (a PS3 version would be nice to get)

    110. Andrew Fiffick

      I’d have to say The Indiana Jones adventure from Disneyland.

    111. Aaron Blankenship

      Dinosaur Happy 400th!

    112. Chris Morgan

      Expedition Everest, solely so you could have the Yeti as the boss!

    113. Danielle

      I’d love to see Peter Pan or any dark ride, really.

    114. Charlotte Troddyn

      It’s a Small World!

      I think it would be great to see all the colors faded away…and then back again!

    115. Bob Repass

      Space Mountain inside and outside

    116. Michelle Tate Young

      Snow Whites Scary Adventure

    117. Katie

      I think splash mountain would be awesome – it’s terrifying enough anyway, imagine what a wasteland mountain would be like!

    118. Tiffany

      I would love to see Test Track before the renovation inside the Wasteland!

    119. Kyle Peek

      I think Indiana Jones Adventure would be a real trip in an Epic Mickey Wasteland.

    120. It’s a small world! That would be pretty interesting. (Even if it’s already been included… I’m a little slow on the video game front.)

    121. Mandy Johnson

      Peter Pan or It’s a Small World

    122. Steve Brumfield

      Happy 400th!
      I think the Tomorrowland Speedway would be great! I’m thinking Mad Max meets Mickey . . .

    123. Wilson

      Splash Mountain

    124. Rick Kraut

      I think Space Mountain would make a cool backdrop for the game!

    125. Adam Caplan

      I know it’s obvious, but Horizons. Or maybe Miracles through Molecules. Or the Monsanto House of the Future. Pretty much anything that is extinct now.

    126. Josh

      It’s a small world!

    127. Mike P

      No Brainer. Carousel of Progress!

    128. Erik H

      Body Wars

    129. Jeremy Guthrie

      I think I have to vote for Haunted Mansion as well. Too many cool things could be done with that.

    130. April Phillips

      I think it would be great to see Peter Pan! It’s my favorite ride. They could do some damage!!

    131. Sherri. Connelly

      Journey Into Imagination…in its original form!

    132. Paula Craiglow

      Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror, for my boys, who both LOVE those rides!!

    133. David McIntosh

      Haunted Mansion. I’ve always wanted to walk through there and interacting with the attraction on a video game would almost be as good

      1. Jorden Clarke

        Lonesome Manor was a major part of the first game!

    134. John Pattison

      Spaceship Earth

    135. Jonathan Beer


    136. Austin Autry

      I think it would be awesome to see ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter show up! πŸ˜€

    137. Scott Rivers

      Mr Toad’s Wild Ride or the Matterhorn.

    138. Alain VΓ‘zquez

      I’d love to see the Carousel of Progress

      1. Jorden Clarke

        Was in the first game.

    139. Hilde

      I’d love to see “Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage” from Tokyo DisneySea. I know they already did “It’s a Small World”, but anything exclusive to the non-American Disney parks would be pretty amazing. It always surprise me how often I see people say “ALL Disney parks” when they mean “all of the American Disney Parks” so in a way, the non-US parks are almost “forgotten” πŸ˜‰

    140. Fred

      Id have to say carousel of progress, since its a small world would be too scary.

      1. Jorden Clarke

        Both were in the first Epic MIckey game.

    141. Ray Summey

      Space Mountain would be awesome!

    142. Brian Sennett

      Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!

    143. Gail GIfford

      WDW Railroad!

    144. Jorden Clarke

      Not that it’s long lost or anything (although parts of it are). I’d love to see some Space Ship Earth!

    145. amanda

      it’s a small world….the dolls would really be creepy then!

    146. Greg

      The skyway in magic kingdom. who wouldn’t want to see wasteland with a bird’s eye view.

    147. Jason Flahie

      The Carousel of Progress or Haunted Mansion would both be interesting.

    148. Jon Kinsman

      Creepy It’s a Small World is the way to go!

    149. scott carey

      Pirates of the Caribbean as “Captain” Jack Sparrow

    150. Theresa Gansemer

      Spaceship Earth

    151. Eric Cutler

      The Maelstrom – complete with post ride film

    152. nick antonio

      Tower Of Terror.

    153. Stephen Clifford

      Kilimanjaro Safaris

    154. Corby

      Space Mountain

    155. Rob Stevens

      Tower of Terror.

    156. Darlene Royer

      The Haunted Mansion!

    157. Jamey Wright

      I would like to see Pirates of the Carribean in distressed form. Those Pirates wounldn’t know what to do if Epic Mickey came through there! :0)

    158. Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    159. Ben

      Splash Mountain

    160. Nathan Burnett

      It’s a Small World would make an excellent attraction to get the “distressed” look. I also think the park could make Small World a very scary ride for two hours only on Halloween, by just turning off the sound… Just the thought of that gives me chills.

    161. Natalie vickers

      Has to be tower of terror

    162. Stephen

      Considering that the references to Disney Park attractions in Epic Mickey draw mostly, if not solely from the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland, my choice would be logically a Disneyland attraction. It was quite difficult for me to choose just one attraction as there are literally hundreds of ideas you could go with. So, I boiled it down to two attractions Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

      I thought of Splash Mountain because I think it would be awesome to battle demonic/evil versions of the animatronic geese, etc. by thinning off their skin and then bashing the robotics inside. Then I got thinking about robotics in general, which lead me to my choice Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

      I think Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters would make a perfect stage in Epic Mickey’s Wasteland due to the vibrant colors, the robots and quite simply the alien environments. All these elements would make for endless fun during gameplay. There are robots in the ride that you could aim at their “Z TARGET” and then zap with Oswald’s electricity remote to stun them. Then Mickey could take over and thin off the painted robot panels and coverings to reveal it’s inner servos and circuit boards which could be bashed, etc. The environments are colorful and the terrain would be a natural winner for the “thinner and paint modifying your surroundings” technic.

      The creepy sci-fi music would also contribute to the Wasteland feel of the stage and you could even throw in a giant Zurg animatronic to defeat as the boss of the stage. Maybe its just me, but I have a hunch that this would work out profoundly in an Epic Mickey game!!

    163. John

      Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road

    164. Mike Pawuk

      I’d love to see a distressed version of Star Tours – especially since Star Wars is owned by Disney now.

    165. Cj spence

      This is an easy choice for me. The great movie ride would be an interesting choice. To see everything falling apart would be amazing.

    166. Mitchell Eastman

      I’d like to see roger rabbits wild ride get distressed in epic mickeys world. Loved the ride as a child and still today

    167. Danielle

      The Haunted Mansion, of course!

    168. Steve

      The original or even new test track!!!

    169. Mickey

      Space mountain or the haunted mansion would be amazing to see!

    170. Teddy

      Probobaly Expedition Everest it would be cool.

    171. Dominic

      I’d love to see the Monsanto House of the Future show up in distressed form as part of Epic Mickey’s Wasteland.

    172. Mack

      Adventure thru Inner Space would be a great attraction to appear in the Wasteland since it has been mainly forgotten by the world. The Microscope Eye could be the boss that you have to battle. Another attraction could be the Horizons and fight the Butler Robot and such.

    173. I’d love to see the haunted mansion!

    174. Karen

      Peter Pans flight. traveling around via the ships could get very tricky.

    175. Taylor Uda

      Tower of Terror

    176. Wesley Quinonez

      The Haunted Mansion.

    177. Michael Taylor

      Obviously the attraction that would be most appropriate for a distressed look is Cinderella’s Castle!

    178. Lizzie

      Big Thunder Mountain!

    179. Scott Mathews

      The Haunted Mansion, of course!

    180. Snow White’s Scary Adventures

    181. Nicolo

      Considering recent events, it would be interesting to see Test Track, namely the older version…

    182. Jeff Oh

      I’d like to see the Haunted Mansion in DL get a different layover, instead of Nightmare before Christmas.

    183. I vote for the Skyway. It was one of my favorite attractions at WDW.

    184. Emily Edmiston

      Haunted Mansion

    185. Mark

      The Haunted Mansion.

    186. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Come on, wouldn’t you want to see a distressed version of the underworld?

    187. Evan

      I would love to see one of the EPCOT dark rides. If it were a ride still standing today, I would definitely say Journey to Imagination, as it would just work perfectly. Perhaps in a mission you would team up with Figment and the Dreamfinder, which would be a terrific throwback to the ride in its original state. If not a current ride, then Horizons. I think that has endless possibilities, including of course, choosing your ending to that particular mission in the game. Both of these would be “epic”, and go beautifully in a game for Disney nerds, such as myself, like Epic Mickey.

    188. ste3ve

      I’d like to see the Tomorrowland Flying Saucers.

    189. Alyson

      How about the Rock n Rollercoaster? I love that ride! I think it would be totally cool distressed with all the colors contrasting with the pitch black…!!!=)

      Good luck everyone!!!

    190. Phoenix Quill

      I think that I would want to see the Mission to Mars (Sponsored by McDonnell Douglas) in the wasteland. Its a double forgotten, Dead ride and dead sponsor.

    191. Aidan Hepworth

      It would be great to see Spaceship Earth. Not only would it be great to be able to paint the outside but also to explore the inside with it’s time spanning design.

    192. Taylor Battaglia

      carousel of progress

    193. Kyle Marchetti

      I would like to see the Journey into Imagination ride. The thinks that could go on in a distressed version of that ride would be amazing.

    194. Corryn Anderson

      Splash Mountain!

    195. The Adventurer’s Club….hands down…

    196. Richard Smith

      Toy Story Mania

    197. Jack Horsfall

      Carousel Of Progress

    198. Justin

      Splash Mountain

    199. Jennifer Gomez

      Peter Pan’s Flight

    200. Aaron

      Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin of course. My opinion is that this would be the most perfect ride for this.

    201. Chris Taylor

      Big Thunder Mountain!

    202. Brendan Rainsford

      Ellen’s Energy Adventure should have an Epic Mickey makeover. The setup for the level is that the Wasteland has a power outage and Mickey cannot open any more doors to proceed and Oswald’s buzzer malfunctions. The Universe of Energy building is where the power grid is. Mickey and Oswald, with the help of Bill Nye the Science Guy, can battle their way through audio-animatronic dinosaurs to the grid. It is here where Mickey and Oswald discover a cob-web infested computer. When they turn it on, the surprised dynamic duo get transported to the world of Tron in the hopes of restoring power to the Wasteland. This level would be interesting to have, because players can finally see how Mickey would interact with modern-day Disney attractions and icons.

    203. Christina

      Tower of Terror would be awesome in the Wasteland!

      1. Kimmy

        It might be cool to see what the peter pan ride would look like

    204. JOE TRULAND

      I would love to see the great movie ride in the game

    205. Dan Cunningham

      It would be awsome to see a journey into the imagination in the wasteland have it all crazy and nightmareish

    206. Honu

      Mr. Toad

    207. Laura

      Pirates of the Carribean.

    208. Raymond Costanza

      Be Our Guest and expedition Everest.

    209. Tina Biles

      I would love to see Adventures Through Inner Space!

    210. Mary Jean

      Journey into Imagination would be interesting in the Wasteland. The otherwise happy-go-lucky ride would take a dark turn, and I love Figment. Oh, and there must be an appearance by the Dreamfinder.

    211. Trevor Easton

      There can only be one choice…

      when Mickey and Oswald find themselves at the edge of a vast body of water…

      rising from the murky depths and covered with barnacles and seaweed…

      The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    212. Nadeen

      Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

    213. Sean Huynh

      Casey Jr. Circus Train. Would be nice to see more Dumbo circus inspiration.

    214. Paul L

      I would love to see the Disneyland Railroad as part of the gaming. A twisted train and his round house maze. (^_^)

    215. Dr Duck

      I think a Carousel of Progress/Horizons crossover would be interesting. Mickey and Oswald dealing with the nostalgia of the past gone bad, but only if they give a scratch and sniff card infused with the scent of orange grove.

    216. Tracey Brown

      Honestly, I would absolutely love to see Spaceship earth with all the scary people in the ride come alive! Throwing paint thinner all over the paper boy.

    217. Aaron Rudkin

      100% the past twisted Mickeys toon town fair!!

    218. Patsy-Jane O'Neill

      I’d love to see my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction: Peter Pan’s Flight – or take a page out of “Kingdom Keepers” and do something with Winnie the Pooh!

    219. Well, seeing as how the mansion has been spoken for in both games, I think I would love to see some Adventure Thru Innerspace. It’d be awesome to shrink down and have to fight giant enemies!

    220. Matthew Curnutte

      The Carousel of Progress and Splash Mountain would be great! All the characters from Splash Mountain would be really creepy to see missing a torso or an eye. The Carousel of Progress could be a whole level itself, but it would be like the Pirates in the first game where they only inhabit the land but they’re not distorted. Each room knows that the other one is there and they could keep in contact but that’s a maybe. But what’d be cool is if the old animatronics from America Sings were the enemies and boss!

    221. josh darkensins

      If anyone is as afraid of birds as I am than I would expect that A tiki room in wasteland would sufficiently terrify them as well.

    222. andy

      One man’s dream. All the props come to life, His office artifacts rise up and create havoc!

    223. Billy Mauer

      I would love to see either Star Tours, the original Figment ride, or Toy Story Mania.

    224. Rob Hestar

      Space Mountain!!!!!!

    225. Benjamin Evans

      Pirates of the Caribbean would look amazing, with all those battle scenes coming to life!

    226. Noreen Rachuba

      Horizons! That would be amazing!

    227. Scott H

      I really want to see what they could do with a crazy evil Mr. Toad

    228. David

      Captain EO would be so cool! Michael Jackson is already epic so he’d take the game to a whole new level… and it’d be great to play as Hooter alongside Mickey and Oswald!

    229. brandon s

      the attraction i would like to see is big thunder mountain that would be very odd to see

    230. Faisal M.

      Tapestry of Nations.

    231. Ted Shen

      Journey Thru Inner Space! I still miss that ride.

    232. Jose Chavez

      I would love to see Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin as part of the wasteland. The world is zany enough as it is, plus there was already the “dip” mechanic set in that world so it would fit perfectly with the Epic Mickey franchise.

    233. Mike Nardi

      How about Stich’s Great Escape. Oh, wait, you said the attraction you’d like to see distressed, not the one that causes distress!

    234. Matt S

      Spaceship Earth would be very interesting with the various scenes.

    235. Daniel Hansberger

      I think It’s A Small World.

    236. Amanda M

      Definitely Splash Mountain. I can only imagine what it could look like!

    237. Rachel Takata

      It would be fun to see Splash Mountain brought into the game.

    238. James Hansen

      A Mountain. Big Thunder, Space, Splash.

    239. Sarah F

      Pirates of the Caribbean!

    240. Corey Nance

      Absolutely 100% Peter Pan’s Flight

    241. Brandon Gibson

      Pirates Of The Caribbean. I know it was kind of in the first one, but I didn’t much care for how it was portrayed.

    242. Mike

      Splash Mountain would be the best choice, because it is one of the best, if not the best, themed attraction at the Disney World Resort.

    243. Michael Brown

      I would love to see World Showcase pulled into the Wasteland. A creepy twisted Eiffel Tower looming over dreary London streets and the Three Caballeros ride looking more like Maelstrom would be awesome. As long as the Norway movie isn’t a cut scene. Couldn’t handle that…

    244. Brandon Dithrich

      I would have to say toy story mania!! Thanks for the chance

      Twitter: @volcombrandon

    245. Jake Zamira

      Splash Mountain!

      Jake Zamira

      [crosses fingers]

    246. erin stough

      Even though Philharmagic is a 3D show, it would be great to see it pulled into the Wasteland. Imagine all the different classic Disney movie themed levels. You can swim (and fight) electric eels under the sea, battle rouge enchanted dishes, fly treacherous skies over Agrabah, and use paint thinner to escape hordes of animals on the African Plains. Not only would you have the various game boards, but think of the classic characters involved in this show and how they could become twisted and reminiscent of Wasteland.

    247. Kerstin Baran

      Expedition Everest! The Mountain would look astonishingly different I believe.

    248. Marie

      I would like to see Big Thunder Mountain in Wasteland form. Big Thunder Mountain is my favorite ride at Disney World and the new backstory from Disney of it being ‘cursed’ could really be fun to include in an Epic Mickey game as well.

    249. Annie Hobbs

      Definitely Pirates of the Caribbean! It’s my most favorite. Thank you for hosting this, pretty cool!!

    250. Craig Hargrove

      I think the Hall of Presidents offers some interesting possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity !

    251. Art Carter

      The Haunted Mansion for sure! It would fit right in to have it all decked out! Keep up the great work Ricky!

    252. Scooter

      I would say 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Just because I want to see some version of that ride again

    253. Dana DeSantis

      I’d love to play through Splash Mountain, I think that that would be really interesting πŸ™‚

    254. Chris Hofer

      Gotta go with some of the others on this one…Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Thanks for the contest and consideration of my entry!!!

      Twitter: @PriusGuy2004

    255. Oscar

      How about an attraction based on Phineas and Ferb episode, Wizard of Odd.

      The Facade is an Castle of Oz, with a replica of Palace of Fine Art (Based on The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure, Formerly Golden Dreams) with Candace statue on the top. Located in Ostown.

      In “Epic Mickey”, as a Thinner Disaster occured, The Facade has one piece of replica of Palace of Fine Art, Black and Twisted. As Well, a Crystal of Castle of Oz. The Top of a replica of Palace of Fine Art is all black and covered with Thinner, except for Candace Statue that is Safe.

      In “Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two”, When an Earthquake occured, The Candace statue has fallen, Castle of Oz has been separated, as well, Some Crystal of the Castle has fallen. The replica of Palace of Fine Art has Broken.

      The Facade did not appear in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, but the level based on Wizard of Odd appear.

      The Story of this attraction in “Epic Mickey”, Mickey Mouse helps Candace to find a portal to get back home, but she gets kidnapped by Doofenwitch (warlock). Mickey needs to rescue Candace from Doofenwitch (warlock).

      Mickey’s back at the attraction, but this time with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in “Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two”, The Story that Candace has been kidnapped by Doofenwitch (warlock), again. Mickey and Oswald will defeat Doofenwitch (warlock).

      A Level based on Attraction appears in “Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion”, Doofenwitch (warlock) has locked up Candace in the cell, so Mickey needs to defeat Doofenwitch (warlock) and save Candace, and she get back to her room.

    256. Oscar

      What do you think, Ricky?

    257. I would like to see the Princess Hall that has yet to be built show up in wastleland, only becasue I’d like to see the wasteland princesses. There were sketch versions of the princesses that did not end up as their final versions in the film that would be interesting to see. Love your show by the way.

    258. Ken Garnhart

      Definitely 20,000 Leagues Submarine ride in its original form with the Mermaids.

    259. Beth

      I would love to see Splash Mountain, that could really be a lot of fun!

    260. Allyson Fanning

      Tower of Terror. If based on classic rides then Pirates.

    261. Job

      “Cars Land”.

    262. Kyle

      I would say 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    263. Janet Hicks

      The new Test Track- I can ‘t wait to see the new design!

    264. Luiza

      I would love to see Pirates of the Caribbean distressed. Sounds like a pretty cool mix!

    265. Samantha Smith

      I’d like to see Spaceship Earth or Haunted Mansion.

    266. Allen

      Dead men tell no tales! I would go with Prates of the Caribbean!!

    267. Michael Burgower


    268. Karen Drum

      Toy Story Mania I think would be alot of fun!

    269. Keith Brown

      I think it would have to be the Haunted Mansion. it would look awesome on the game and would be a huge board to roam in. Plus it’s my favorite ride in all the parks how can you go wrong with more haunted mansion!!!!

    270. Marielle Hill

      Space Mountain! No doubt about it. Love your show. My dad and I listen every week!

    271. Adam Scott

      Jungle Cruise could make something a little different. Just played the demo on PS3. It’s pretty cool!!

    272. Randy Fullhart

      I think it would be very eerie to emerge from the entrance tunnels and walk down a wasteland Main Street USA with a crumbling Cinderella’s Castle in the distance. The Partner’s statue would be missing leading you to wonder where it went???!!!

    273. Lisa Savage

      Pirates of the Caribbean most definitely!

    274. Garrett Masui

      I’m gonna say The Matterhorn would be an interesting attraction to be shown in The Wasteland, since it has a bit of distressed form in its design. And even though it’s been mentioned as a Halloween-themed name, The Matterhorn’s name could be changed to The Splatterhorn, referring to maybe Mickey would use his paintbrush to splash some paint color, causing its color scheme to run all over its mountain range.

    275. Mitchell

      Test Track. Can you imagine having to ride through that game in Wasteland? It’ll be too much fun. πŸ™‚

    276. Meghan Seyfried

      It’s hard to pick just one! But I’d have to go with Spaceship Earth. I’m a history buff so mixing history and futuristic technology with kinda horror would be pretty awesome!

    277. Chris S

      Big thunder mountain

    278. Hudson

      SPLASH MOUNTAIN! My all-time favorite ride πŸ˜€

    279. Kevin Linn

      I would also say Splash Mountain, our family favorite.

    280. Michael Moskop

      I would love to see what they would do with Carousel of Progress!

    281. Bradd

      The Enchanted Tiki Room

    282. David

      Big Thunder Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean.

    283. Valentina

      I would love to see a distressed Splash Mountain! It would be so fun to climb all around the intricate inside and backstage. And I’m sure there’d be lots to restore with my paintbrush. πŸ˜‰

    284. Amber De Santiago

      I would absolutely LOVE to see the Enchanted Tiki Room from Disneyland in Wasteland!!! All the cute little robotic parrots half hanging off of their perches!!!

    285. Joshua

      I would love to see the new Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction in distressed form as part of Wasteland. It would be awesome to have Ursula as one of the bosses. I think you’d have to paint or thin her tentacles or do something really neat to defeat her, then get a special “Tentacles of the Deep” pin.

    286. Kristin

      I may be a bit young to remember this ride well enough, but just based off pictures/video i’ve seen of this ride and all the things I’ve been told about it, my vote goes to Time Keeper!

    287. Kyle

      Space Mountain or Big Thunder. I think they both have very interesting possibilities.

    288. cmjsrevihc

      Hmm, decisions decisions… Splash Mountain and the Brer denizens there would actually make a very creepy/sad kind of area. In some ways, they are forgotten characters, because you really don’t see them much, and to some people, they probably are just characters from the ride.

    289. Dennis

      The original Journey Into Imagination.

    290. Bryan Spencer

      I would love to see Test Track 2.0 aka Tron Track in the Wastland of epic mickey that would just be the best thing.

    291. Chris

      Tower of terror would make for an awesome level

    292. Phyllis

      Tower of terror

    293. Robert Migliaccio

      I would love to see either Tower of Terror or The Great Movie Ride.

    294. Kyle

      Indiana Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    295. Lindsay Gonshak

      Small world! Sadistic but cool to see all those cute little animatronic people in a wasteland πŸ˜€

    296. Matt Meyer

      Jungle Cruise would be fun to see. πŸ˜€

    297. Brian Staulcup

      Pirates of the Caribbean

    298. Steven Nadel

      Would definitely like to see the Jungle Cruise!

    299. Tanya Rennie

      Tiki room

    300. Kristina Wilson

      I would love to see Jungle Cruise in Epic Mickey

    301. EricJ

      Another vote for the Tiki Room.
      (Picking on Small World again would be SO Kingdom Keepers. 9_9 )

    302. Donna W.

      Splash Mountain would be really interesting.

    303. Phill V.

      I would love to see Spaceship Earth show up in the Wasteland.

    304. Joe

      Splash Mt

    305. Thom

      I would like to see Spaceship Earth in epic mickey.

    306. Scott

      Spaceship earth!

    307. Daniel Livingstone

      Definitely tower of terror! Such an awesome ride!!

    308. Pete altemese

      Journey of the little mermaid

    309. Rene McKale

      Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin!

    310. Alex

      I think a version of Fantasmic would be pretty interesting for Epic Mickey. Just imagine it! It would be quite something

    311. Milton Casiano

      I want to see test track 2.0

    312. Ros

      I think the jungle cruise would be awesome too!

    313. Pete

      Jungle Cruise it would be great if they had a animatronic skipper dishing out the lines as you went through the level.

    314. Stacey B

      I’d most like to see something from their new Fantasy Land area – maybe the Little Mermaid

    315. Stacey B

      Following you via twitter – @Momof2boysz & tweeted

    316. Personally I would like to see Alice’s Curious Labrinyth turn up. It could be a creepy maze you have to nvigate

    317. James Huggett


    318. Kye Layton


    319. Patricia Crowley

      I’d love to see Cinderella’s Castle!

    320. Elena

      I would like to see the Jungle Cruise

    321. Keith Comley

      How about test track 2.0!

    322. Joe Cutroni

      The Maelstrom Ride in Norway!

    323. Andrew Gallagher

      I’d love to see spaceship earth in the wasteland!

    324. Jeff Williams

      Maelstrom of course…it’s already halfway there πŸ™‚

    325. River Country is the perfect candidate. It’s already creepy! πŸ™‚

    326. John Ursoleo

      Who wouldn’t want a chance at exploring the Horizons in it’s lost form???

    327. ANDREW

      The old journey into imagination

    328. Erik Enervold

      Since they already did Pirates if the Caribbean in Epic Mickey 1… I would say definitely Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain. My other two favorites at the Magic Kingdom.

      Thanks Ricky! Love the show have been listening for the past couple or years and I still look forward to it every week!

    329. Robert

      Jungle Cruise!!!!

    330. Lexie

      Another vote for Roger Rabbit!!

    331. Keith

      Alien Encounter!!

    332. Joshua

      Big Thunder Mountain!

    333. Caleb

      I would like to ride tower of terror as epic Oswald

    334. Dave Newcomb

      There are no rules stating we can’t use closed attractions, right? I’d vote for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    335. I’ve gotta go with Splash Mountain!

    336. Brian Cagle

      Journey into Imagination with Figment

    337. Massimiliano

      The Enchanted tiki room! πŸ™‚

    338. Megan P.

      Easy – I’d like to see the Jungle Cruise. However, my kids are telling me that Splash Mountain would be way cooler.

    339. Rocket Rods!!!

    340. Brian Fleming


    341. Adam Lavender

      Absolutely voting for the Winnie the Pooh ride, that one is psychadelic anyways, but toss it in Wasteland and its bound to cause some minds to be blown and heads to be scratched!

    342. Cheryl

      Spaceship Earth!!

    343. Journey into Imagination with Figment

    344. Leslie Carr

      The Haunted Mansion. Totally!!

    345. Dominic

      Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln might be fun to see distressed!

    346. I’d like to see the Carousel Of Progress. that would be pretty cool πŸ™‚

    347. It’s a Small World

    348. CptDeadbeard

      I’d have to say Spaceship earth!

    349. Stephanie G

      I would love to see Space Mountain. How cool would it be to create it in the dark! Maybe night vision?

    350. Keith

      I’ll go with The Great Movie Ride.

    351. Cynric Cho

      A distressed form of expedition everest or something involving the animal kingdom attractions could be interesting.

    352. Trish Pruett

      Spaceship Earth =}

    353. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (I know, it’s not Disneyland based)

    354. Alaina Barham

      I would love to see the attraction Dinosaur from Animal Kingdom! Ohhhhh! Jurassic Park meets Disney? That would definitely be epic to me!

    355. Cort

      Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Forbidden Eye

    356. Craig

      The Living Seas (as it was, not with Nemo and Friends). I would like to see what happens to Seabase Alpha, the hydrolator, and all of the live aquatic animals.

    357. Steven Lewis

      Test Track, new version or old…

    358. Maddie

      Jungle Cruise πŸ˜€

    359. Amanda

      I would love to see Dumbo! A scary broken down wasteland Dumbo would be so odd. I love it!

    360. Samantha Brown

      I would love to see Big Thunder Mountain!

    361. Mick

      I’d like to see a distressed version of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. It’d be fun have distressed views of Tommorland, the inside of Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, etc.

    362. Timo

      Thatl have to be the forgoten discovery mountain that should have go in disneyland paris,this version of the attraction was disigned before “de la terre de la lune” i think this one wil fit wastle land perdfectly becouse of its forgotnes and greate steampunk feeling

    363. Dan O

      I would love to see Star Tours!

    364. Timothy Carson

      I would like to see Splash Mountain in Wasteland

    365. GDR

      It’s a small world

      1. GDR

        opps. read it wrong.

    366. GDR


    367. Sergio

      It would probably have to be the Jungle Cruise. I’ll leave the details to your imagination.

    368. Yamy

      Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!!!!!!!!!

    369. Tina Krause

      The Haunted Mansion

    370. Adam Alvarez

      I would like to see the tower of terror in the wasteland.

    371. Jason Skidmore

      I would love to see Big Thunder Railroad done like that.

    372. Katie Bjorklund

      Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

    373. Steve

      Carousel of progress.

    374. Kyle S.

      How about Soarin’, but Soarin over Cartoon Wasteland.

    375. David


    376. Bobby Koke

      Spaceship earth or the Norway ride

    377. Peter


    378. Chad

      I would like to see Stitch’s Great Escape removed from Tomorrowland and send to the Wasteland where it belongs.

    379. Jason

      I think the Haunted Mansion would be pretty cool.

    380. Jeanine


    381. Andrew

      I think Small World. Would be fun to see a distressed the whole ride. What would they do to all of the dolls after too much singing?

    382. Meredith Ludlam

      I would love to see one of the parade’s that they put on in the Magic Kingdom that Mickey and others would have to run by when playing the game! That would be so amazing!

    383. Cassandra Haworth

      The Haunted Mansion!

    384. chris douglas

      i would love to see the peoplemover or adventures through inner space

    385. John Wessner

      Splash Mountain would be great!

    386. Drew

      Small World!

    387. Jim Tollefsrud

      I’d love to see stitches great escape moved to wasteland!

    388. Nicki

      I would love to see The Carousel of Progress or the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage!

    389. Lori sovine

      tower of terror

    390. Trevor

      alien encounter

    391. kit

      splash mountain

    392. Kelly

      storybook land

    393. Josie

      Haunted Mansion

    394. Jager Patalano

      Buzz lLightyear Asro Blasters

    395. I would most like to see the Tower of Terror. I think it would fit in really well with the whole subtly eerie thing the Epic Mickey games have going on. Imagine having to repair it after navigating through distressed parts of the queue. I think it would fit in absolutely perfectly.

    396. Jared

      It would be great if they would include Thunder Mountain!

    397. Kristen Zawadzki

      20,000 leagues!!!! I guess you can say its already distressed, because its no longer a Disney attraction:( I miss that ride!

    398. Haunted Mansion of course! I <3 Oswald!!

    399. Jennifer Lambert

      I’d like to see the Tower of Terror dressed up in the wasteland.

    400. Meredith Ludlam

      I would love to see the dwarfs minecart ride attraction, just imagine you having to ride through it to get to your next destination.

    401. Andrew Hage

      Jungle cruise.

    402. Caleb Reed

      I would like to see Disney’s Journey Into Imagination Attraction to show up in a distressed form as part of Epic Mickey’s Wasteland. The original ride was the best!

    403. Kerstin Alvarez

      Small World… it’s creepy to begin with so a distressed version wouldn’t be too far fetched.

    404. Rick

      The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh!

    405. jt august

      I am surprised no one has put this up (at least, not among the replies I read so far). The obvious answer is River Country. All they would need to do is take pictures and drop them into the game.

      1. jt august

        OK, I finally got far enough back to see at least one person already thought of this.

      2. Hilde

        I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! That’s brilliant and I would so love to see that!

    406. Garrett

      Definitely would have to be Journey Into Imagination. So many colors and distractions going on, would love to see is a “wasteland” mode.

      1. Greg

        My favorite attraction – Pirates of the Caribbean.

    407. Chris Howell

      splash mountain

    408. Space Mountain from Walt Disney World

    409. How about the new Little Mermaid ride? Haha

    410. Ray

      I’d like to see The Studio Backlot Tour in distressed!

    411. Caitlin DeVine

      I would love to see Winnie the Pooh ride. So many possibilities with the heffalumps and woozles!!

    412. Catherine Liu

      Hopefully the Ariel Under the Sea ride will get into Epic Mickey. It would be interesting to see a ship with Ariel at the helm.

    413. Drew

      Maelstrom, also known as the most terrifying ride in all of WDW. Nothing could be scarier than a wasteland full of trolls…

    414. Danny

      I would love to see the old “2,000 leagues under the sea” in a distressed form. Heck, I’d love to see it again in any form!

    415. I wouldn’t feel right not picking a defunct ride for the Epic Mickey world. I think Horizons would do the trick.

    416. Tryg

      Maelstrom of course!

    417. FRANK

      I would like to see Spaceship Earth or Mr Toad’s wild ride!!!

    418. Shaler

      I would love to see toy story mid way mania in epic Mickey wasteland

    419. James

      splash mountain for sure.

    420. ben h

      i think they should put the dumbo ride in epic mickey 2

    421. ben h

      they should put splash mountain

    422. ben

      small world

    423. khloe

      would be wicked awesome if mickey and Oswald there from seeing a beautiful kingdom and going thru a detail version of Cinderella castle but massive version ..and once they go in .they see this circular hallway and there’s no many many different style doors from different gen-eras of fantasy ,space ,western ,spooky etc.but there based by different themes with princess to being peter pan,or going thru visiting the beast to his castle to stirring the black pearl and or going under the sea and conquer Ursula ,but shes throws you in a dark world and u gotta fight and outrun the villains ,and after u go thru space n have fun with buzz lighter and walle and eve, stitch and laser out the aliens that are intruding n all..but the game would go on n on to different lands of Disney n stuff that’s shown in the theme parks too..and at the end in conquering it all,u get granted the biggest award by all the Disney princess and get knighted to protect the kingdom..lordy i hope this made sense but it would be way sweeter n the game would be last long playage !! xxx

    424. Patrick Walsh

      Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure… imagine how interesting that could be.

    425. Alison L.

      Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride would be great

    426. John S

      Liberty square riverboat

    427. Rachel

      I think splash mountain or toy story mania!

    428. Joanne

      Snow White’s dark forest.

    429. Jacob

      Spaceship Earth, showing a twisted version of the history of Wasteland would be phenomenal.

    430. Kilimanjaro Safari with undead animals attacking

    431. Oscar

      So being from the West Coast, I would like to see Mickey and Oswald invade Disney’s California Adventure and take over Carsland. But if we’re talking Disneyland probably Adventureland imagine the transformed animals from the Jungle Cruise!

    432. Crystal Mendoza

      I would love to see Splash Mountain, that ride is so much fun an having alot of scenes would be fun, it would be great if it was a mini-game, you could be in a boat an color all of the un-colored areas, an color the water in one segment, i would have alot of fun in it.

    433. Pablo


    434. Amran

      I’ll have to say the Tower of Terror, the structure makes for quite a set piece!

    435. ben

      i think osborn light show

    436. ben

      tower of tare

    437. Nathaniel

      I’d love to see Kitchen Kabaret, Wasteland style!

    438. I would love to see Spaceship Earth in the wasteland. Love that ride! πŸ˜€

    439. Kenneth Strybosch

      I’d really like to see the new ariel’s undersea adventure in it’s distressed form!

    440. Elaine

      Food Rocks!

    441. Scott Guthrie

      Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

    442. Carolyn

      Oh, it’s a Small World for sure!

    443. Scott Hamilton

      The Jungle Cruise!

    444. Rick

      Carousel of Progress!!

    445. Mike Brandt

      I want to see either splash mountain or test track

    446. Doug A

      My favorite ride – Splash Mountain

    447. Mike Sperduto

      Would be great to see Space Mountain in the distressed from

    448. I would like to see a distressed version of Rocket Rods – even though the ride broke down a lot, when it worked, it was a lot of fun speeding through the exciting days of Tomorrowland – especially at night!

    449. Kevin Garon

      I would like to see a wasteland version of the “Partner’s Statue”.. of Oswald with Walter Elias Disney instead of Mickey & Walt.. (that’s an attraction, right?)

      by the way, I’m from Philippines… been following this site for so loooooong long time to give me updates about what’s going on in Disney Parks! (Is the contest open to all? I hope so)

      HAPPY 400th! Here’s to the next 400 episodes! πŸ™‚

    450. Wendy Michaels

      Toy Story Mania would be cool!

      1. jacob

        i think i will win!!!!!

    451. Iain lang

      Toy story mania

    452. Andrew

      I would like to see a distressed version of toy story mania. Having all the toys come out that would be perfect!

    453. Joe U.

      I would love to see The Haunted Mansion since its my favorite ride and feel they could really do something awesome with it.

    454. I would like to see a distressed version of Pirates of the Carribean

    455. ItsPirrip

      The Cars attraction.

      Followed and tweeted πŸ™‚

    456. Jeanne Kacprowicz

      Great website. It keeps us in the Disney frame of mind between visits. I’d love to see Mission Space on here as a full video.

    457. sandra tsai

      I’d like to see something with Shrek!

    458. Tom Bevars

      I would like to see “It’s A Small World” show up in the wasteland. It could really take on an eerie vibe in distressed form!

    459. I would like to see storybook land canal boats in the game. I think It would be cool to see it enlarged.

    460. Edward Tittlebaum

      I would love to see Mr Toads Wild Ride in there …… Happy 400

    461. I would most like to see the new “Under the Sea: Journey of the little Mermaid” attraction distressed.

    462. Beth Walsh

      I’d love to see an adventure in the Main Street Bakery…somehow involving having to solve the problem in time to catch the Kiss Goodnight from the steps of the Train Station. I’m hoping that they won’t completely Starbucks-ize the bakery, but if they did, having it memorialized in the game would be a wonderful way to keep our memories of late night (or, early morning!) snacks fresh in our minds!

    463. Brandan

      New fantasyland would be cool

    464. Jason

      I would like to see Splash Mountain in a run down version. (Yes more than it currently is lol) I think there is a lot that could be done with it.

    465. Mary Anne C.

      Might be fun to see Disneyland’s Indiana Jones ride.

    466. I work at It’s a Small World and would love to see my ride in the Epic Mickey Wastelands.

    467. Rick

      The Hall of Presidents

    468. The haunted mansion

    469. Drew

      Journey Into the Imagination would be cool

    470. Kris

      Haunted Mansion!

    471. carolina


    472. Lorraine Atherton

      I would love to see Soarin distressed in Epic Mickey’s Wasteland!

    473. Angel jacobs

      I would say splash mountain!! Thanks would love to win this

      Twitter: @angelpeach1

    474. Gabriel

      Spaceship Earth, I think it would be cool to have an omnimoverthat would let you have the whole expirience riding in the ride vehicle instead of jumping out because of blots or whirlpools, plus Judie Dench could do an automated voice announcer

    475. Happy 400th ITM Been Following For Over 2 years now- All the way from little old New Zealand(Hobbitland)

      I feel like big thunder mountain would be fun to have in there- but like dacayed and like broken tracks and what not
      heres to another 100 and many more after that

    476. Matt

      Old Test Track. No doubt in my mind that would be sweet πŸ™‚ dodging cars and running through all the different tests as types of missions of a sort… would be pretty awesome

    477. Chelsea

      HI RICKY! I love your show, it is simply stunning. Your show actually solidified my dream of becoming a Disney imagineer! I am 18 and now aiming for an internship at Disneyland to get my foot in the door! I live in a little town and you helped me realize me big dreams and UNYEILDING love for the Disney company. I tried to pre-order this myself but ended up having to use it for other real necessities. ;( I would love to talk to you sometime! I’m sure you’d have more knowledge than I on my future dreams and how to achieve them! THANKS!

      I would LOVE to see some of the Jungle Cruise or the Matterhorn! (Ps I finished the first game in under 24 hours!) XD

    478. Nic

      I’d think it would be awesome to see Journey through inner-space! love the show keep up the good work!

    479. Coby


    480. Sandi Faulk

      Kitchen Kabaret!

    481. Timothy Toler

      I’d like to see Pirates…because Small World is disturbing enough! (And was as far as I got in the first Epic Mickey :p )

    482. Andrea

      I would love to see The Haunted Mansion in destressed form!

    483. Brent

      I’d want to see the peoplemover & maybe more classic EPCOT things

    484. Lynn Green Brooks

      I would like POTC

    485. Catherine

      Pirates of the Caribbean!

    486. Lee Graves

      Spaceship Earth and the attraction

    487. Mike Pasquariello

      For sure I would want to see Tower of Terror!

    488. Tyree

      I think bringing back one of the old classics like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in a distressed form would be cool.

    489. Jennifer Bogdan

      I would love to see the Hall of Presidents.

    490. Monique Clark

      Splash Mountain, baby!

    491. Lee Ann Griffith

      Carousel of Progress

    492. Jeff

      frontierland or some kind of gluch

    493. Sabrina

      I’d like to see the new fantasyland…the Beast Castle