Review: “Prep & Landing” Totally Tinsel Collection Blu-ray takes Christmas cheer to hilarious new levels

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Disney’s instant holiday classic “Prep & Landing” first hit the airwaves in 2009. In the three years since then, Lanny, Wayne, and the rest of the Christmas crew have spawned a sequel TV special, a few shorts and, now on Blu-ray, a variety of jolly bonus features.

Both the original “Prep & Landing” and its sequel “Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice” have never looked better than on the new high-definition home release. The stories of elves taking on spy roles, carefully preparing each “nice” home for Santa’s arrival, are as original and entertaining as ever.

And nowhere to be found are commercials or that little ABC logo in the bottom-right. Instead, these two action and comedy filled specials are presented in perfectly unedited form, perfect for watching in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In addition, mock news reels, travel ads, and recruitment pieces are included to “promote” the North Pole and Santa’s elite crew.

The release doesn’t pack as many minutes of entertainment as that of a feature film, but during the busy Christmas season, who has time to sit down for hours at a time to watch multiple movies? Taking in a bit of “Prep & Landing” in between gift wrapping and hall decking is the perfect way to keep the spirit of the season alive in every household.

“Prep & Landing” Totally Tinsel Collection is available now on Blu-ray from retailers like

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