Video Preview: Scare zones of Halloween Horror Nights 2012 reinvented as all-new street experiences at Universal Orlando

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Though Halloween Horror Nights 2012 won’t officially begin to scare theme park guests until tomorrow, Universal Orlando held this year’s employee preview of the event last night, giving the world a first look at the all-new street experiences that have redefined the concept of scare zones this year. Rather than containing groups of scareactors to specifically-themed sections around the event, roaming hoards of Prisoners, Warriors, Beasts, Vampires, Walkers, and Traditionals stalk their way through all corners of the park.

With the entire park dressed up as a crumbling cemetery, these Legions of Horror prey upon victims on every street, along sidewalks, and even in restaurants, while special sound effects follow them through each area, announcing and enhancing their unique presence. Vampires hiss, Warriors chant, Beasts growl, Traditionals playfully scare in classic Halloween fashion, and Prisoners make sure every guest hears the loud roars of their chainsaws.

Take a sneak peek inside Halloween Horror Nights 22’s all-new street experiences in the video below.

The overall ambiance of Halloween Horror Nights 2012 is noticeably different than previous years, with few permanently-erected set pieces lining the streets and no “home base” for most of scareactors to return to. Instead, these creatures walk the entire park and will surely fine tune their creepy crafts of scaring all who pass through over the coming weeks ahead. It’s worth emphasizing that the video above was shot during a preview event, during which all of Universal Orlando’s creative team behind Halloween Horror Nights was also walking the streets, noting tweaks and modifications that will be made by Friday night’s debut and throughout the event’s many nights.

For the moment, the cemetery’s closed while Universal prepares to make the grand debut of Halloween Horror Nights 22 on Friday, September 21, 2012.

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