Phone calls tease devilish Halloween Horror Nights 2012 details as Universal Orlando plays with the media

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In the late evening hours, at 10 p.m. ET, we received a mysterious and downright sinister phone call from a Universal Orlando phone number promising “all will be revealed soon” for Halloween Horror Nights 2012.

The 30-second message begins with tolling bells, followed by moans and growls, along with a deep, commanding voice mandating “you cannot escape centuries of” what sounds like “hate” or “hatred.” The call concluded with a whispering female voice confirming the call relates to “Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.” She then makes it clear that we’ll soon know more about the upcoming Halloween event.

Here’s the message in its entirety:

The message was sent not only to us, but many media outlets around the Orlando area, clearly intended to pique our interest… or scare us away forever.

UPDATE (8/29/12): A second cryptic phone call was received today, with howls, screams, and the same deep voice proclaiming, “You’re scared of the unknown – these creatures of the dark – and you should be.”

UPDATE (8/30/12): With the launch of the official Halloween Horror Nights 22 web site, we received one more call, informing us that “nowhere is safe” as Universal Orlando’s monsters threaten, “We’ll hunt you down and you won’t know where to run.”

The image above showing a hand emerging from dirt was also posted to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights Facebook page, with the caption, “Remember that thing we dug up yesterday? This image was taken at one of our many construction sites. This ‘creature’ is confirmed to be emerging from the ground…and is not alone.”

Universal Orlando plans to reveal all the haunted houses, scare zones, and shows for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 at the stroke of midnight tomorrow night, as the date turns into August 30th.

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