“Brave” easter eggs revealed: Pixar sneaks Pizza Planet truck, Sulley for “Monsters University” among hidden gems

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A long-standing Pixar tradition to include hidden gems and references to upcoming films has continued with their latest movie, “Brave.” A pair of those easter eggs are revealed below in new images released by Walt Disney Studios. (Spoiler alert!)

In a pivotal scene, Merida stumbles across a woodcarver deep in the Scottish forests who turns out to be a witch. While specializing in whittling wooden bear figurines and conjuring haphazard spells, she showcases her mysterious and inexplicable knowledge of the future with a carved figurine of the infamous Pizza Planet truck, an iconic delivery vehicle that’s appeared in nearly every full-length feature film from Pixar Animation Studios since 1995’s “Toy Story.”

Also in the witch’s shack, a wood carving is seen featuring the likeness of Sulley, the “Monsters, Inc.” lead character slated to return to the big screen in 2013’s “Monsters University.”

(Click to enlarge both images.)

Pixar’s feature films have included other hidden gems referencing others, including WALL•E’s explorations uncovering a Mike Wazowski antenna ball and the classic Luxo Jr. ball found in the girl’s bedroom as Carl Fredricksen’s house flies by her window in “Up.” Those with a keen ear will also notice the voice of John Ratzenberger, appearing in all of Pixar’s films. In “Brave,” Ratzenberger puts on a Scottish accent and voices Gordon, a guard.

“Brave” is in theaters now.


  1. Dana

    The Pizza Planet Truck is my favorite Easter egg. I was mad when I watched Brave and realized I missed it! Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

  2. I thought it was Lotso that was in the little girl’s bedroom in Up, not the Luxo, Jr. ball… I could be mistaken. It’s probably both actually.

  3. star

    You know I like Pixar movies but I never noticed any hidden gems! That is pretty freaking neat I think. Anyways I have read a lot of reviews on Brave and I know a few of my co-workers at Dish told me that their kids enjoyed the movie. My kids are amped to see it since they just got the video game from Blockbuster @Home the other day.

  4. DrKeith

    That silhouette on the shorter of the two planks leaning up against the shelving sure looks like it might be WALL•E.

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