Video: Radiator Springs Racers highlights, with the cars of Cars Land as the stars of the newest Disneyland E-Ticket ride

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With the official grand opening Cars Land a mere few days away, we’re shifting our coverage into first gear, inching closer to a full reveal of the entire new Disney California Adventure expansion. For those wanting to avoid all spoilers from the land’s rides, shops, and restaurants but still want an overall impression, yesterday we offered a spoiler-free report from the weekend’s previews. But today we’ve moved out of the garage and onto the open road to take a closer look at one of the biggest and best new rides to arrive at Disneyland in years: Radiator Springs Racers.

Those of you wanting to see a little more of detailed environments and high-tech entertainment Disney’s Imagineers have created for this new E-Ticket attraction without spoiling the whole experience can watch the 1-minute highlight video below, offering a closer look at the impressive Audio-Animatronics figures that bring Pixar’s “Cars” characters to life inside the ride. But don’t say I didn’t warn you if it spoils too much.

Video: Radiator Springs Racers highlights

So just how did the Imagineers create such incredibly lifelike characters, believably moving from the computer-generated Pixar world into real-life? Earlier today, Disneyland released a video following Joe Herrington, Principal Media Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, as he rode through the attraction on a mobile studio, mixing its sound effects, music, and dialogue live.

Video: The sounds of Radiator Springs Racers

But we’re just getting our tires warmed up. Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for much more exclusive content from the grand opening of Cars Land, beginning with a special media-only event Wednesday night that kicks off with celebrity arrivals at 6 p.m. PT. Over the days that follow, we’ll be offering inside access to the creation of Cars Land, including celebrities, Imagineers, and the attractions themselves.

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