Playable 8-bit ‘Fix-It Felix Jr’ game now on official “Wreck-It Ralph” web site from Walt Disney Animation Studios

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As the video game world is buzzing about yesterday’s debut of the first trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s highly-anticipated film “Wreck-It Ralph,” the movie’s official web site has launched with a few fun features.

Amidst digital downloads, photos, and a story synopsis is a playable version of the old school arcade game the film centers around, “Fix-It Felix Jr.” With retro 8-bit graphics and music, players control Felix while avoiding the film’s title character and the game’s villain, Wreck-It Ralph.

The game’s instructions read, “Fix all the broken windows on each floor to advance to the next level.” The relatively simple game, controlled via keyboard, is a bit reminiscent of Donkey Kong and Rampage, among other arcade classics.

The playable game inspired by “Wreck-It Ralph” along with more information about the film can be found at

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