Universal Orlando set to reveal new experiences opening in 2012 through media webcast on January 25

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Universal Orlando has announced plans to reveal details, artwork, pictures, and video, about all of its upcoming new experiences that will debut this year. Similar to the announcement of the Despicable Me attraction in May, a media-only webcast will be held on January 25, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. ET offering a “first look at each experience,” promising not only including a further look at Despicable Me and upgrades to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, but also “more new and exciting entertainment experiences.”

On Facebook, Universal Orlando is promising its fans “ALL the details about ALL the amazing new experiences” starting with hints & sneak peeks leading up to the big announcement” next week.

Beyond Despicable me and Spider-Man, we know Universal will soon be debuting the Hollywood Drive-In Mini Golf being constructed in Universal CityWalk. For 100th anniversary, the original Universal Studios also revealed that part of the celebration will be announcing a new “entertainment experience” for Universal Orlando – the same wording used to describe next week’s webcast.

It is likely that the new experience is a new lagoon show for Universal Studios Florida, possibly based on Universal Studios’ vast history of films. It has also been hinted that a new parade is being developed for Universal Orlando, a topic that should be discussed during the webcast. It may also be revealed what will be replacing the Jaws ride and the surrounding Amity area.

Universal Orlando has confirmed that the replacement for the Jaws ride will not be part of the announcement. From their Facebook page: “And, some of you may be wondering whether that announcement will include an update on what we have planned for the JAWS! area… We want you to know that won’t be part of our announcement.”

But they are promising “more new entertainment experiences for you in 2012 than during any other year in our history.”

Universal Orlando recently confirmed a major expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but that topic may not be visited during this announcement webcast, as it seems to specifically be focusing on items that will debut in 2012, not beyond.

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