Jaws Ride Movie 2: The Amity Island Nightmare, created by former Universal Orlando team members

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Earlier this week, Universal Orlando closed its classic Jaws ride permanently to make way for future attractions. As a tribute, we released Jaws Ride: The Movie, editing together shots filmed from multiple trips through the ride to create a fun, cinematic presentation to remember the attraction’s famous action by after it’s long gone. The video instantly became hugely popular, drawing more than 40,000 viewers in less than three days.

But there’s more of the Jaws ride story to be told. A group of former Universal Orlando team members created “the story of the Jaws ride like you’ve never seen it before.” They call it “The Amity Island Nightmare” offering a glimpse at what happened outside of the boat leading up to and during those many encounters with the 25-foot shark. And as team members, they were able to film shots in and around the ride that no average park guest could.

So just who was Gordon, the unlucky skipper at the helm of Amity 3 before it went down? Who is that voice heard over the radio when the Amity 6 skipper calls back to base? And just where was Chief Brody during the sudden shark attacks, delaying him for 10 minutes? This video (unofficially) answers those questions and more, purposely cutting around the ride’s action to provide a view of “what else” happened in its story.

Video: The Amity Island Nightmare

YouTube user Buzz431 has a whole playlist dedicated to the Jaws ride, with more comedic shorts inspired by the now-extinct attraction.

“The Amity Island Nightmare” is a wonderful (and unintentional) counterpart to the tribute video we created, offering an alternate look at just what went on around the island while Jaws was trying to devour a seemingly endless stream of boats.

And if you’re one of the few who hasn’t watched our Jaws Ride: The Movie yet, here it is once again:

Though the Jaws ride is permanently closed in Orlando, its legacy surely will live on forever through the many ride-throughs and tributes from fans such as ourselves and the group of former Universal team members who made the excellent “Nightmare” film above.

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