Disneyland to debut Mad T Party inspired by Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, replacing ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure

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It is End of Line for fans of ElecTRONica, the almost-nightly dance party at the Disneyland Resort as Disney has announced its replacement: Mad T Party. The new Disney California Adventure nighttime event will begin in summer 2012, inspired by Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” movie.

The Mad T Party will include a live band, a DJ, entertainment, games and lots of dancing. Familiar characters will be “re-imagined” to immerse guests into the environment in the park’s Hollywood Pictures Backlot. It will include unique food, drinks and merchandise. Guests will enter the party through the “rabbit hole.”

Artwork released by Disney shows a stage with characters, including a Mad Hatter and White Rabbit of sorts, as well as a House of Cards lounge with card-themed dancers:

It appears the stage will be set up in front of the Monsters, Inc. ride facade while the House of Cards will take over ElecTRONica’s outdoor End of Line club.

A closer look at artwork for the Mad T Party Band is offered by the Disney Auditions web site:

Auditions are currently scheduled for early February for musicians to play in the Mad T Party Band, including singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists. Audition details can be found on DisneyAuditions.com. Those who audition are asked to have a knowledge of popular rock and pop music, particularly songs from the following list:

I Gotta Feelin’ (Black Eyed Peas)
Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)
Shout (The Isley Brothers)
Hot Hot Hot (Buster Poindexter)
We Will Rock You (Queen)
Please Don’t Stop The Music (Rhianna)
Locomotion (Little Eva)
Call Me (Blondie)
Get The Party Started (Pink)
Dancing Queen (ABBA)
American Woman (Lenny Kravitz)

This list is an indication of the type and variety of music that the live band will be playing during the parties.

ElecTRONica will give users their final trips into the Grid in April 2012 with the Mad T Party replacing it some time this summer.


  1. Michel L. Mendonça

    … What?…

  2. Tryg

    Not sure I totally understand the characters on the stage; maybe a little too Avant-Garde for me…?

    Hopefully we’ll see TRON added elsewhere soon!

  3. Joe Spencer

    Sad to see it go, but it makes sense…I just wish there was a way to keep the Arcade…Maybe it’ll come back for a Wreck-It Ralph party or something

  4. Peter

    DJ playing high energy dance music > Band covering cheesy pop music

  5. Simka

    No. Just no. Please no 🙁 I never got to see ElecTronica 🙁 This doesn’t sound nearly so epic.

  6. Annissë

    You’re making a HUGE! mistake getting rid of ElecTRONica Disney! What moronic executive decided on this Mad T party crap???!? Live band??? Please.

  7. Kit Quinn

    wow this really sucks. Guess I’m not going to renew my season pass this year.

    1. Bryan Dobson

      I as well like to make choices based upon an attraction I’ve not seen in the flesh or go to. I’ve been to it twice now and it’s far more entertaining than Tron was. But still, keep using your crystal ball.

  8. Gina

    You guys are crazy!! Maybe I’m a five year old, but this looks AWESOME! There are SO MANY more Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton fans than Tron, and not everyone loves DJs and dance music!! This looks so crazy and artistic and fun!!! I stopped by the Tron thing once, the dancers were kinda cool, but this looks so cool!!!!!

    1. Michel L. Mendonça

      Your view of “artistic” must be so twisted.

      1. Zarah Diane

        Remember, shes “5” so she said…

        1. Kevin

          Wow, you guys…lighten up! You take one word Gina used and write a novel of negativity from it! For the most part I think I agree with her. Disney resorts are all about change and growth. I’ve experienced Electronica on several occasions and I believe it had run it’s course. ‘Mad Tea Party’ is based on Tim Burton’s version of Alice and should be good! Besides…without a doubt, it will be retired someday as well.

  9. Zarah Diane

    I’m starting to not like “modern” so they call it. What the…..?

  10. Michael Tarr

    For the love of all that is good… please do NOT replace ElecTRONica with this garbage!! I’m a fan of Tim Burton’s stuff but Alice? And live bands playing this list of music that is beyond outdated and just not fun to listen to… Locomotion!?!? I would rather sit on It’s a Small World for the entire day….

  11. Kerry

    omg!!!! this sounds awesome!!!!! i so wanna go c this!!!!!!!!

  12. Winksie

    interesting that they would play “American Woman (Lenny Kravitz)”

    A: it’s an anti-american war protest song
    B: it’s not by Lenny Kravitz, he just covered it years after it’s initial success

  13. Anthony

    0 interest in seeing this once it’s here.. come on Disney.. where’s all the new and inventive themes that we’ve loved you for? This seems more an event six flags would throw together last minute…

  14. chris

    this is bull i love disney but im never gonna go again, electroonica is what making their money, once the mad tea party comes thru no one will go, no body wants bands or anything thats way back, people are into electronica music, disney will lose alot of money because of this, and they will see that, good job disney

  15. Annissë

    Here out the ppl Disney! These are your guests talking. The ones paying you their money to pay your bills. No one is into this Mad T party idea. Please KEEP ELECTRONICA!! We are a computer generation and moving towards the future ElecTRONica represebts the future and technology it being inspired from Tron. TRON, Tron Legacy and ElecTRONica are some of the best ideas you created. ElecTRONica symbolizes the future! It works! Why fix or change something that is not broken!?!

  16. Jennifer

    No don’t do it Disney! Incorporate an Alice theme elsewhere like for High Tea or something but not this! ElecTRONica looked really fun the way it was, and I can’t imagine Alice fitting nearly as well as it did.

  17. Al

    What?!&#@ NO! What kind of trash! Alice in wonderland? This will prove to be a BIG mistake, like who cares about a band playing garbage from the past. so if I wanted I would listen to the original trash on my 8 tracks or vinyl records! I am disgusted and mad at Disney for such a unprofessional decision and taking the Grid to sissyland! And I will not be renewing my pass again!

  18. Kit Quinn

    It just looks like the people who design Bratz Dolls came up with this…it’s really trashy looking. Beyond that, it’s not very Burton which is what we’re being sold.

    I’m really going to miss ElecTRONica it was a great way to draw in teenage and older guests to the less popular DCA. ElecTRONica made me want to go to DCA, once again I now have no reason, and it’s going to go back to being the park that failed.

  19. Ashe

    I got my season pass pretty much so that I could go hang out at ElecTronica I hate to sound like one of those pissy “I’ll cancel my membership!” people, but I’ll probably cancel it after this takes over. Disneys great and all but without Tron I don’t really go enough to make a season pass worth it.

  20. rafe

    Had an EPIC night dancing in the rain last night, was telling my gf season passes would be worth it but theres no way this will create a buzz like the tron experience…huge FAIL to the Disney execs that killed this

  21. Nicky

    Did Pressler and Harris come back or something. I don’t see any Burton in this anywhere. I agree with others here we are a computer generation we like the high tech laser light dance parties! This will be here for a few seasons then the stage will be left for years until something new comes.

    Please don’t get rid of FLYNNS!!!!

  22. Clarissa

    This is NOT Tim Burton! Sad to see ElecTRONica go! Please keep Flynn’s, at least! This is the only thing you, Disney, has ever done for us TRON fans. We are a computer age. We like tech things. TRON fits our time and the near future perfectly. This brought CROWDS of all age groups! Please keep SOMETHING of TRON! DCA will become “that park”, again. Like another person commented; “Would rather sit on small world all day” when this opens. It appears a lot of people will be cancelling their passes. I might once mine gets ready to expire if nothing of TRON is kept. Think of your quests and think of the loss of income. It really hurts to see all of this go!

  23. Alfred Si

    I welcome this new “Mad T Party” idea, but not at DCA. I think ElecTRONica has more to do with California than an Alice themed night-party. They could move it to Disneyland Park (not that they should). I think Disney should just continue with ElecTRONica. My parents are part of the 60s/70s music generation which the Mad T Party will focus more on from what I’m seeing, but even they prefer the modern/futuristic beats of ElecTRONica.

    Could this change in nighttime entertainment be due to the opening of the Red Car Trolleys? The Red Car Trolleys would be going through the ElecTRONica area. Still, can’t Disney just confine ElecTRONica to the area in front of Monsters, Inc.?

  24. Mark

    I echo the sentiments above. I too purchased annual passes (top tier) after taking my family to DCA and witnessing elecTRONica. My teenage daughters loved going and dancing to the DJs because they played “their” type of music, while my wife and I could stay and watch the show or go visit other areas of the park. Once elecTRONica is gone so will our interest in visiting the park 2-3 times a week. It’s a shame the feedback here will likely fall on deaf ears as Disney charges forward with their next show that seemingly has little to no interest.

  25. Mar

    Omg! I am so disappointed ….I am definitely not going to renew my annual passes….my 13 year old loves Electronica….sucks to see something that would bring people from all ages to a hault for something so different!!!! Plus don’t they already have something similar in Disneyland (live bands), do people even go to that?

  26. Joanna

    WHY dose ELECTRONICA have to go! Even though if they keep the arcade that’s fine with me cause then there will be some of ELECTRONICA left to know about. If ther not keeping it then I’ll be sad that all of it is leaving and have mostly bright colors at the MAD TEA PARTY I guess.

    P.s I will miss ELECTRONICA if they don’t keep FLYNS arcade. 🙂

  27. Joanna

    WHY dose ELECTRONICA have to go! Even though if they keep the arcade that’s fine with me cause then there will be some of ELECTRONICA left to know about. If ther not keeping it then I’ll be sad that all of it is leaving and have mostly bright colors at the MAD TEA PARTY I guess.

    P.s I will miss ELECTRONICA if they don’t keep FLYNS arcade. 🙂

    1. Joanna

      I agree

  28. Candace

    I loved Electronica and so wish that Disney didn’t get rid of it. However, this seems really cool. I will definitely check this out. Adam Auburn who was the Sunday night Dj will be playing the Mad T Party too. There will be EDM. Alice is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. This will be a great twist. Disney usually delivers. Let’s see what happens

  29. john

    Will not renew premium annual pass. 6 of them at that. This is moronic. Lets just say this alice thing turns out alright they still are trying to fix something that isnt broke. Half the attractions and areas inside California have been changed due to lack of interest but the one thing that had large support they are getting rid of. Typical disney.

  30. delanie

    dont sound to bad kinda wish it would still be house music but hey change can be good sometimes

  31. Kevin

    Apparently many people are afraid of change. What’s wrong with a live band?! The song list is mainly for audition purposes, it doesn’t mean that’s the only music they’ll play. So many ‘tunnel-visioned’ opinions here. Let’s try to keep an open mind people! If this is the only area, subject and attraction some of you have an annual pass for then that’s just ridiculous! I say “Fine!…..stay away then, more room for the rest of us!”

  32. Chuck

    Rolling. Mad T Party is HUGE. Not my thing personally, but it’s hilarious that so many people here decided that because THEY don’t like it, NO ONE WILL.

  33. Chanel

    I have seen the Mad T Party band. They are pretty good and the characters for the dance party are all from Alice and Wonderland. They also have the twins and card suits that are dancers. The Dj is called the White Rabbit
    And he is a local Dj in that area. The party is really fun and i had a wonderful time in Disney Calofornia Adventure!!!

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