Universal Studios Hollywood to get Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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The magic of Harry Potter may be on its way back to Hollywood, but not as a movie. Unnamed sources tell the Wall Street Journal that a near duplicate of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando will be announced for Universal Studios Hollywood in California. Details are scarce and no confirmation is offered by Universal or Warner Brothers. But the Journal reports that an official announcement will likely be made next week.

It was only a few weeks ago that Universal Studios president Ron Meyer stated in an interview that more Harry Potter attractions are indeed on the way. Now the Journal is reporting that if the Hollywood version does as well as its Florida counterpart at the Islands of Adventure theme park, even more Potter attractions could be coming to Universal’s other properties in Japan, Singapore, and Spain.

But it’s too early to jump to conclusions yet without confirmation from the movie and theme park companies.

Read the full article at WSJ.com.


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    Very cool, I just wonder how they’re going to make this work, there’s no room at the LA Universal.

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      Scott B

      Nonsense. I was there earlier in the year and I saw some room over in the corner. You know, between those two….yeah, there isn’t any room for it.

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    This announcement just made my whole year! Great news!

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    “The magic of Harry Potter may be on its way back to Hollywood”.
    It has never been in Hollywood but is made in the UK thats why they are great movies.

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    I am with you Robyn! But this didn’t make my year. It made my whole century!

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    why another wizarding worldÂĄ? it’ll be better if they put more attractions in the one in orlando!!, there is so much to do!! i mean there is alot of content in the movies to represent in the park!! i wish they could built more attractionss 🙁

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    Scott B

    I feel like this is a cheap decision. Cheap not in $$$, but as in it cheapens the whole Island of Adventure HP land. That land makes Islands of Adventure a destination. It is unique. Hogwarts isn’t like a McDonald’s franchise where you can pop up some golden arches where you can.

    I guess it depends too on what the are putting there. Will it be a carbon copy? Will it be something different? I can’t imagine it working without an iconic structure like Hogwarts. But with Hogwarts it kind of cheapens it by having the same castle twice. That would be like Disney shoe horning Spaceship Earth in a new location.

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      Too be fair it shouldn’t be a carbon copy. Florida gets Disney World, while the California gets Disneyland. Now Florida can have Hogwarts ‘land’ and California can have Hogwarts ‘world.’ by this I mean Californias should be 5 times bigger.

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    Dislike on this one, sorry Californians. Why spend all of that effort with authenticity, realism, and immersion and then clone it and ship it west? There cannot be two Hogwarts Castles because there’s only one Harry Potter. If USH gets a small section of the Harry Potter universe, that’s okay. If they want Diagon Alley, no harm done. But duplicating this? First the Dragons stop dueling, then Jaws is announced to be permanently closed, now this? I might be investing in a Disney AP soon.

    Sorry if this sounds rant-y, but Universal has made some horrible decisions lately.

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      There should be only one Disneyland too, huh? It’s a theme park meant to be enjoyed by fans. People on the west coast want to be able to go to Hogwarts without spending thousands of dollars. Fantasy striving for realism, ridiculous. Quit being selfish, Hogwarts should be everywhere for all to enjoy. You want an realistic explanation for 2 Hogwarts, ITS MAGIC!

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    Oh, Florida residents, get over yourselves! Universal Studios Hollywood is going to get a Harry Potter land, and pretty soon Tokyo, Signapore, and Dubai will get one as well. This is going to transform USH into a full-fledged theme park and vacation destination, and will give the California economy a boost.

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