Review: Disneynature “African Cats” Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack – The Lion King becomes real in tale of family and survival

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Following in the tradition started decades ago with Disney’s “True Life Adventures” series, Disneynature offers an up-close and untouched look at nature all over the planet. The line of Disneynature films began with “Earth” and continued with “Oceans,” now expanding onto land with “African Cats.”

“African Cats” tells the story of two animal families and features Seta the leopard raising her cubs, teaching them important life lessons in a surprisingly human way, to help them survive the African plains. Through jaw dropping cinematography, the film showcases two sets of African cats as they grow from cubs to adults, bringing viewers along as they face struggles along the way. The inspiring film, narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson, shows the life of these animals with cameras placed close enough to see the cats breathing and the moisture in the air. The crystal-clear view presented in “African Cats” showcases both the main “characters” but also the natural scenery and every aspect of their surroundings.

Not only is this educational film eye opening to the daily lives of these African creatures, but it also makes a perfect way to show off Blu-ray technology. While not in 3D, “African Cats” will stun anyone looking for the best of what high definition pictures can offer.

Bonus features included with “African Cats” take viewers behind the scenes as the film plays, narrated by the filmmakers and conservationists, showing not only the world depicted in the documentary, but also the efforts that went into capturing it all, which are remarkable unto themselves. Beyond “African Cats,” the release also includes a look at Disney’s love of nature through the years (it’s much more than just “Bambi” and “The Lion King”) as well as a featurette which discusses the plights of the African savannah – a solid mix of entertainment and information. Also included is a music video sung by “American Idol” winner Jordan Sparks titled “The World I Knew.”

The standard definition DVD version of the film contains same bonus features as the Blu-ray disc.

While Disney’s fictional animated and live action films consistently raise the bar for achievements in entertainment, humor, lovable characters, and use of technology, Disneynature films like “African Cats” consistently show that events and “characters” of the real world can be just as enduring and enthralling as fairy tales.

You can order the “African Cats” two-disc Blu-ray / DVD combo pack on Amazon.

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