Halloween Horror Nights 2011 details to be revealed tonight as Universal Orlando deals final teaser card

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With the promise of more details to come later today, Universal Orlando has dealt us what appears to be a final teaser card for Halloween Horror Nights 21. The latest in the series is covered with even more blood, fresh and dried, scratches, and even a fingerprint or two. It seems Lady Luck has grown more agitated in recent weeks, with a few still to go before the popular Halloween event begins. And following this final card, Universal promises to dish on all the details later tonight.

Halloween Horror Nights teaser card

Halloween Horror Nights teaser card

Halloween Horror Nights teaser card

This most recent card reads:
“That Lady there… is a Monster.” – Anonymous

Halloween Horror Nights teaser card

We’re being told that the icon for Halloween Horror Nights 2011 isn’t all that she seems on the surface. Though that should have been clear from the progression of violence obvious when putting all five of the teaser cards we’ve received in the mail side-by-side:

Halloween Horror Nights teaser cards

Universal most recently offered this look at Lady Luck herself:

Though a teaser video (mostly audio) offers a glimpse at Lady Luck’s true self, or at least what she sounds like when she gets angry:


These certainly aren’t the only cards Universal has been dealing. On their Halloween Horror Nights web site, and particularly on Facebook, a tray of colored cards have slowly been flipped over the last few weeks, each revealing a teaser image inside this year’s haunted houses:

Each of the images below depicts a scene and/or character from a different maze, leaving us to assume there will be 8 haunted houses as part of Halloween Horror Nights 2011. The house known at the moment to be part of Orlando’s Horror Nights event will be based on “The Thing”. Based on hints on the Horror Nights web site, themed thought to be featured in the remaining houses include World War I, pirates, demons, holidays, and possibly even Edgar Allan Poe.

But more details are on the way later today. We’ve been invited to be among the first to hear all about the gory details behind Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 21 beginning at 11:30pm tonight. The news apparently will come from one of the event’s creators who will reveal who or what we’ll “really be facing at this year’s event.”

Here’s a sampling of the teaser images released for Halloween Horror Nights 2011 thus far:

We will find out at 11:30pm tonight exactly what Universal has been planning for Halloween Horror Nights 2011. Until then, we’re instructed to…

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