Universal Orlando launches mobile phone app with GPS map, dining reservations, check-in game, but no ride wait times

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Universal Orlando Resort has released an official mobile phone app offering the ability for theme park guests to navigate both of its two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, as well as Universal CityWalk.

The application is a free download for both iPhone and Android users, and uses GPS to offer surrounding information on a map based on your position in the parks or CityWalk. Guests can see nearby attractions, restaurants, guest services and more, including facts about each location. Guests using the app can also reserve a table at a restaurant.


The app also allows guests to “check in” via Facebook and Twitter and even play a check-in game, offering guests the opportunity to “check-in to win” a savings guide worth up to $150.

Notably absent from the app is the ability to check ride wait times, a feature theme park competitor Walt Disney World has in its official app, dubbed “Mobile Magic.”

A Blackberry version of the app is currently being developed.

Download the Universal Orlando app for iPhone via iTunes here and for Android via the Android Market here.


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    Only for the US itunes store though 🙁 How about something for us orlando missing brits?

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    Even if us Brits could get the app, we couldn’t do anything with it as the data roaming charges are huge! With all these apps being released i’m surprised that both Disney and Universal haven’t started to offer free wifi yet.

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      Debbie, there is free wifi (AT&T) at Walt Disney World and has been for at least a year. Universal Orlando has just announced they are offering free wifi as well (Xfinity). Service hasn’t always been strong at Disney, but they have improved over time.

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    Canadian Mom

    What about a version that Canadians can download for their vacation?

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    K Masse

    Android App is NOT in the Android App store.

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    I’m looking for the app in the Apple App Store with no success. I’ve looked both at the US and Spanish stores…. no luck. The link in the story itself doesn’t work either… any idea how to find the app?.

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    There are are a couple of apps similar to the official one but do not require Data connection The one by appshed provides GPS by the looks. But its only available for Android.
    If data is a problem, I purchased a $35 sim card from Walmart (T-Mobile). Gave me unlimited data for the entire month, cant remember how much calls or text and saved on Roaming charges.

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