Universal Orlando begins dropping hints for upcoming replacement to Jimmy Neutron ride, rumored to involve ‘Despicable Me’

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Universal Orlando has not yet announced the ride replacing Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast when it closes on August 18, 2011. But today they have begun teasing photo hints as to what the attraction might be.

A few minutes ago on Twitter and Facebook, Universal posted the following image:

(Click to enlarge)

It was captioned: “Here’s the first UORHint: We captured this photo of Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President of the Creative Studio, working in his office at Universal Creative. What do you think he is working on?”

Taking a closer look at the plans Coup is writing on reveals…

…nothing much. However, it may not be the plans that are the hint. That yellow banana seems all too important. Could it be the return of King Kong to Universal Studios? Unlikely.

Instead, rumors point to a ride themed after the recent film “Despicable Me” and that banana could certainly tie in. There was a “mini-movie” featuring bananas, starring those lovable Minions from the film:

UPDATE: The Code Blak blog has posted an even more astute observation, suggesting the shadow cast by Coup’s hand closely resembles the silhouette of Gru, the lead character of “Despicable Me” – and I have to agree:

On their Facebook page, Universal Orlando did mention that they planned on digitally altering the images, inserting possible clues. And this may be the first.

But we’ll have to wait for more hints from Universal before we can say for sure if “Despicable Me” or another theme take over the Jimmy Neutron spot the park.


  1. EricJ

    “Could it be the return of King Kong to Universal Studios? Unlikely.”

    Well, I dunno….Now that Universal owns the Peter Jackson version (and not the old park version that was technically derived from Dino De Laurentiis’ Paramount version), they’ve been going back and correcting history, starting with the west coast Tour stop. Can’t completely rule it out of the equation.
    Then again, they don’t have Dreamworks anymore either, so it was never really likely to be a Dragon ride.

  2. Anonymous

    Also, look really closely at the window. See something yellow, with one goggle covered eye? To me it looks like a minion.

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