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Tron Legacy

Emerging from the Grid two weeks from today will be “Tron: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D,” an album featuring 15 remixes of Daft Punk’s highly-praised score from the recent Disney film Tron: Legacy. Daft Punk was not involved with creating this remix album, with Disney instead enlisting 15 different artists to rework the tracks.

Two full tracks from the new remix album have been made available online, one by the official Tron Soundtrack website, one from the KCRW music blog, and SPIN. Find links to download the tracks below.

Daft Punk’s “Fall” remixed M83 VS Big Black Delta (#2 on the album):
Download MP3

Daft Punk’s “The Grid” remixed by Crystal Method (#3 on the album):
Download MP3

Daft Punk’s “End of Line” remixed by Boys Noize (#8 on the album):
Download MP3

To access the “End of Line” remix on the official Tron Soundtrack site, click on the main album graphic, then type “end of the line” anywhere, and it will start playing.

Full “Tron: Legacy RECONFIGURED” tracklist:
1. The Glitch Mob – “Derezzed.”
2. M83 VS Big Black Delta – “Fall.”
3. The Crystal Method – “The Grid.”
4. Teddybears – “Adagio for TRON”
5. Ki: Theory – “The Son of Flynn.”
6. Paul Oakenfold – “C.L.U.”
7. Moby – “The Son of Flynn.”
8. Boys Noize – “End of Line” (Boys Noize Remix)
9. Kaskade – “Rinzler.”
10. Com Truise – “Encom Part 2.”
11. Photek – “End of Line.”
12. The Japanese Popstars – “Arena.”
13. Avicii – “Derezzed.”
14. Pretty Lights – “Solar Sailer.”
15. Sander Kleinenberg – “TRON Legacy (End Titles)”

Tron: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D is available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of April 5, 2011.

And for even more Tron: Legacy music excitement, on this year’s Record Store Day (April 16, 2011), special translucent vinyl records featuring four of the original soundtrack’s songs (“Derezzed,” “TRON Legacy,” “End of Line,” and “Castor”).

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