MegaCon 2011 attendees show off current, classic and clever costumes from Tangled, Black Swan, Monster High and even The Flaming C

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Each year’s MegaCon in Orlando is an invitation for hundreds of pop culture fans to show off elaborate costumes. MegaCon 2011 has been no exception, with inventive costumes to be found throughout the huge convention. From classic cartoons to new Oscar winners, familiar characters dominated this year’s show.

While MegaCon features celebrity guests and seemingly endless rows of merchants selling unique collectibles, apparel, and other unusual sci-fi and fantasy items, it’s the costumed attendees that are always the biggest source of entertainment for me. These eager cosplayers are the reason I return to the convention year after year. And, of course, they’re more than willing to pose for plenty of pictures.

Before we get to my favorite costumes of MegaCon 2011, here’s a quick overview video capturing the spirit of the convention:

And now on with the picture show, along with some of my own commentary:

Monster High
These Monster High costumes were perfect, with my favorite touch being Draculara's pet bat hanging upside-down from her umbrella.

Black Swan - Nina
A striking resemblance to Natalie Portman by this MegaCon attendee as Nina from Black Swan.

The Shredder
The Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I want this costume.

Casey Jones
Look out Shredder, it's Casey Jones...

Female Ninja Turtles
...and the Turtles? Sort of.

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder
Flynn Ryder just got knocked out by Rapunzel's frying pan.

Baby Doll - Sucker Punch
It's the opening weekend for Sucker Punch at the box office, so there had to be a Baby Doll costume somewhere.

Flaming C - Conan O'Brien
It's Conan O'Brien's comic book alter-ego: The Flaming C! This wins my vote for best costume at MegaCon 2011.
Powdered Toast Man
Powdered Toast Man (from Ren & Stimpy) would make an excellent sidekick for The Flaming C.
Captain Planet
But I think Captain Planet should stay out of it. (Though this costume is great!)
Mario and Bowser
Mario and Bowser were dueling on the show floor.
Princess Peach and Yoshi
But it looks like Yoshi was the one to rescue Princess Peach this time.
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit was looking rather lonely without Roger around.
Plants vs Zombies
Ahh! A zombie! Where's a plant when you need one...
Tia Dalma
This Tia Dalma costume (from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) was spot-on.
It's Fezzik! Inconceivable! (Anybody want a peanut?)
I was tempted to try to knock Vega's mask off.. but didn't want to go anywhere near that claw.
Jambi floated by, but didn't grant my wish to fly. Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho...

This is just a small sampling of the creative costumes spotted at MegaCon 2011. In fact, even after spending more than 5 hours at MegaCon today, I kept seeing more new costumes even on my way out. I did shop at the convention, leaving with around $70 worth of goodies (a few Mario plushes and a couple old cartoon animations cels), but people watching is by far the most enjoyable part about this annual convention. Continue checking out the costumes with our complete MegaCon 2011 slideshow below, also including a few celebrity photos as well.

More photos from MegaCon 2011:

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