Women of Tron Legacy stylized in limited edition Disney art prints

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When Tron Legacy premiered at the Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney theater, the lucky first 100 people in line for the midnight showings were given 11″x17″ posters featuring stylized artwork of female characters from the already highly-stylized film.

The characters featured are Quorra (Olivia Wilde), Gem (Beau Garrett), and two other Sirens on three separate piece of artwork. These limited edition prints have recently sold for as much as $332 on eBay (so far), so since you’re unlikely to get your hands on one without shelling out quite a few bucks. And since I don’t own copies either, I decided to “borrow” photos of the prints from one of the auctions and fix them up in Photoshop for everyone’s complementary enjoyment (click to enlarge):




Whether you enjoyed Tron Legacy or not (I loved it!), you can’t deny that these are quite attraction piece of artwork.

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