Photos: Disney Dream cruise ship lined with lavish decor and classic Disney artwork

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As Disney’s third and largest cruise ship, the Disney Dream not only makes a bold statement with its size but also with its interior decor and artwork found throughout its decks. From sketches and classic Disney movie artwork lining its stairwells to elaborate three-dimensional sculptures and wall decor, the Dream leaves guests hunting for the next stunning piece.

While aboard its all-too-brief Christening Cruise, I spent a few hours wandering the 13 decks, snapping photos at every piece of artwork and unique design I could find. The result is more than 100 photos featuring dazzling decor as well as a variety of Disney characters through the decades, some shown as original concept pieces for films and others in contemporary ways.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces, followed by a full gallery slideshow:

Main lobby - Disney Dream
The chandelier in the Dream's main lobby is immense and breathtaking.

Lobby balcony character details - Disney Dream
Balconies in the main lobby are lined with Disney characters. It's subtle enough to miss it if you're not looking for it. The Admiral Donald statue, however, is not so subtle.

Cinderella tile mosaic - Disney Dream
Every would-be-princess wants a throne like this, with the background of a Cinderella tile mosaic.

Port hole hallway - Disney Dream
Hallways seem to stretch on and on throughout the ship, almost always lined with framed artwork.
Theater art - Disney Dream stairway
Some of the best art is found throughout the Dream's many staircases, including this interesting Mickey Mouse theater piece.
Ratatouille art - Disney Dream
Leading up to the Remy restaurant is this large Ratatouille artwork.
Snow White art - Disney Dream stairway
Prints of original movie concept art make using the Dream's stairs worthwhile.
The Disctrict themed elevator area - Disney Dream
Elevator areas are decorated to match the areas they serve. This one leads to the ship's night clubs.
Art gallery - Disney Dream
An art gallery features several rooms lined with giclees, each available for purchase.
Art gallery giclee - Disney Dream
This was my favorite cruise-related giclee of the bunch.

100+ photos of the Disney Dream’s artwork and decor:

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