My newly-customized TRON Segway i2 inspired by Disney’s Tron Legacy

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Almost everyone who has seen Tron Legacy comes out thinking one thing: “I want a Light Cycle.” Unfortunately, they don’t exist.

But I now have created the next-best thing: a Segway i2 Personal Transporter (PT) customized to look as if it just glided right off the Grid.

Yes, I realize that by customizing my Segway in the style of Tron I have managed to add even more nerdiness to an already ultra-nerdy mode of transportation. But I think it’s pretty darn awesome.

Here’s a video of it in action:

And yeah, I had to make a Tron-like video too, complete with fake monitor scan lines and a wash of blue light. Go ahead, call me a nerd. I’ll wait.

Update (1/11/11): Today proved to be a popular day for my Tron Segway. It was featured on Gizmodo, in the Gadget Lab and was even tweeted about by Tron Legacy star Olivia Wilde.

Her thoughts? “You’re welcome, world.”

Olivia Wilde as Quorra in Tron Legacy

Thanks Olivia!

A couple more photos of the Tron Segway:

Wouldn’t this thing look great gliding through ElecTRONica at the Disney California Adventure theme park? (Too bad Disney doesn’t allow guests to bring Segways into the parks. And I live in Florida, not California…)

Making of the Tron Segway

So how did I transform the Segway into something one step short of a Light Cycle? Honestly, I didn’t change all that much on it. The Segway is already a pretty futuristic device and would instantly fit in with the world of Tron without any modifications.

My equipment:

  • One roll of white 2″ wide 3M reflective safety tape
  • One Target-brand battery-powered strand of blue LED Christmas lights
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape
  • Segway i2 PT
  • And that’s it! To plan the design, I first took pictures of the front and back of the Segway:

    Then I sifted through a bunch of Tron Legacy images before I decided to model my design after this costume:

    I brought the Segway pictures into Photoshop and mocked up the design:

    After completing and printing the design, I sat down with my roll of reflective tape and scissors and begin to piece it together, strip-by-strip. Here’s what it looked like halfway through:

    And a photo of the finished product:

    The reflective tape looks plain white under normal ambient light, but when hit directly by a light beam, it reflects brightly back and resembles the glowing Tron Legacy costumes, Light Cycles, and everything else on the Grid:

    Here’s a closer look at the pattern on the wheel shields:

    Finally I moved on to adding blue LED lights to give the Tron Segway some kind of glow even when the tape wasn’t reflecting light. I had recently purchased several sets of battery-powered lights during Target’s after-Christmas clearance sale at just $3 each.

    The round Segway logo in the front easily pops off, snaps back on and has convenient slots running around it, so it was simple to insert the LEDs, fasten them with electrical tape, and close it back up:

    I placed the battery box and switch for the lights just behind the lean bar, between where my feet go while riding the Segway. Again, it’s fastened only by electrical tape. It’s a temporary solution until I find a more appropriate adhesive or mount.

    The completed Tron Segway

    All in all, the transformation from “ordinary” Segway i2 into my new Tron Segway took around 4 hours, including design, planning, and installation. Shooting these photos and creating the video took another couple hours. I should also mention that the light-up disc featured in the photo at the top of this article is not part of the customization. I placed it there just to make the photo look even more awesome.

    Here are some more pictures of it all put together:

    And before you rank me up there with Tron Guy, I’ll mention that these additions to the Segway are not just for looks. They do add a great deal of safety to it, as I will now feel better about gliding around at night knowing that I’ll be quite visible to cars as their headlights reflect off of the newly-added details – and I’ll be sporting bright blue LED headlights of my own.

    Comment below and let me know what you think!


    1. Avatar

      Cool. Grab your ID disc and you’re all set! [end of line]

    2. Avatar


      This is the coolest nerd-mobile ever! :oD

    3. Avatar


      I like it! Maybe I will use that concept on my ECV… 🙂

    4. Avatar

      David Sutton

      I didn’t realize you had a segway.

    5. Avatar


      OMG =O you have a segway =O jelus… i wish i had a segway =(

    6. Avatar

      Scott B

      Wow. That is just awesome. I mean, Segways are amazingly cool on their own. But this mod just knocks it out into the upper limits of cool. Seriously, amazing job man.

    7. Avatar


      Where did you get the LED light sets from?

      1. Avatar

        Ricky Brigante

        They were at Target as clearance items after Christmas. Only $3 per set!

    8. Avatar


      ‘Almost everyone who has seen Tron Legacy comes out thinking one thing: “I want a Light Cycle.” Unfortunately, they don’t exist.’

      They DO exist. Parker Brothers Choppers got them already, check it out:

      1. Avatar

        Ricky Brigante

        Well, yeah, there’s THAT. But that’s not a Light Cycle. That’s a motorcycle made to look like a Light Cycle. I meant… there’s no such thing as a REAL Light Cycle. You know, the one with the solid wall of glowing light coming out the back. The one that magically appears after you hold a baton like handlebars. THAT Light Cycle doesn’t exist. 😉

    9. Avatar


      Super cool! And look! You made it onto dVice!

    10. Avatar


      Your TRON Segway certainly looks cool, but do you actually use it? No offense but riding a Segway around must be embarrassing enough as it is, with people pointing you out as too lazy to actually walk down to the shops. But with the stickers and lights, now you’re really drawing attention to yourself, saying “hey, not only am I too lazy to walk, but I also think I’m the TRON guy” 🙂

      1. Avatar

        Ricky Brigante

        Not at all embarrassing. In fact, most comments I get from onlookers think it’s quite the ride and are curious about it. Other than the high price tag, most people seem to like it. And no one walks around here. Everyone drives. So how is riding a Segway to the store any different than driving? In fact, it’s better… no gas needed!

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