Video: Night Vision fun within scare zones of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2010

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I once again entered the darkness of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights on the evening of October 17. This time, I armed myself with a Night Vision-enabled video camera with the goal of capturing a different and unique view of the event’s six scare zones.

I had previously shot video in the scare zones, once at night with no external light and once during the daytime. The former produced a glimpse at the areas under the often-dim show lighting, making it tough to always see what was happening. The latter offered a great look at the Horror Nights characters but limited the scare factor due to the day’s natural lighting.

So I thought a trip through the scare zones using Night Vision would combine the best of both worlds: clarity AND darkness. And I was right. While the video’s color is limited mostly to green and blue hues, there are still plenty of fun moments and hilarious scares to be found in the nearly 9-minute video that came out of the trip:

For some added comedy, I’ve included an “Instant Screamplay” for each of the biggest and most amusing scares that Night Vision helped me capture on video. They’re found at the following marks: 1:30, 3:07, 3:17, 4:11, 5:32, 6:30, and 8:26.

Happy haunting!

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