Busch Gardens announces Cheetah Hunt (not “CheeTaka”) as their upcoming 2011 roller coaster attraction

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After months of teasing, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay finally revealed the details on Facebook this morning about its highly-anticipated new roller coaster called – wait for it – Cheetah Hunt.

That’s right. It’s not “CheeTaka.” It’s not known whether Busch Gardens decided to make the name change to “Cheetah Hunt” due to the complete lack of secrecy surrounding the former name or if “CheeTaka” was leaked on purpose to steer sleuthing fans away from the real name. Either way, the new attraction, already under construction in the park promises exciting thrills that mix a high-speed roller coaster ride with plenty of animal encounters.

Here’s Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s full video announcement of Cheetah Hunt:

And a newly-released full virtual ride on Cheetah Hunt:

So what’s new about the Cheetah Hunt attraction? Well, plenty.

It will use Linear Synchronous Motors to propel riders from 0 to 60 three times during the run. It will climb and drop more than 100 feet and cover 4,429 feet of track.

In addition to the roller coaster, Busch Gardens will open an experience called Cheetah Run, giving guests an opportunity up-close with cheetahs via special viewing areas. There Busch Gardens employees will host “sprints” with the large cats, displaying their speed and agility.

Both Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run are expected to open in spring 2011. Find out more at CheetahHunt.com.

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