Halloween Horror Nights 2010 creative team chat with Mike Aiello and Michael Burnett

in Theme Parks, Universal Orlando

For Halloween Horror Nights 2010, Universal Orlando is eager to not only pay tribute to the past twenty years of the event but also shed some new light on the darkness, revealing how the event comes together. More specifically, Universal has released a series of chats with a few of its top creative designers for Halloween Horror Nights.

It recently began with a short conversation with TJ Mannarino. Now show director Mike Aiello and designer Michael Burnett both speak more about what’s to come for Halloween Horror Nights XX:

It seems like Universal is aiming to increase the popularity of the already uber-popular event by not only catering to longtime fans but also by making the Horror Nights designers into theme park celebrities, by getting their names and faces out there more. And they should be out there. This team is filled with talent and each member deserves plenty of credit.

Halloween Horror Nights 20 premieres on Friday, September 24 at Universal Studios Florida.

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