First full look at Fear himself on Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2010 online store

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Two weeks before Halloween Horror Nights 2010 launches, Universal Orlando has made available two of this year’s t-shirts on their online store, one of which provides our first look at this year’s icon character: Fear.

A member of Orlando United’s forums first spotted this unusually early addition to Universal’s online store.

Previously, Fear has only been seen up-close, showing off his drool-covered teeth. But it seems there’s much more to this new character who is being called the master behind all previous Halloween Horror Nights icons. On the t-shirt design, Fear appears bound by chains, with Roman numeral-shaped scars on his/its chest, likely one for each of the first 19 years of Halloween Horror Nights. Protruding from Fear’s sides are what appear to be wings, though it’s hard to tell with the cropped design. Underneath the event’s tagline “Twenty Years of Fear 2010” sits the lantern that has graced the Halloween Horror Nights 2010 web site since its launch a few weeks ago. According to the event’s storytellers, the lantern and Fear are somehow tied together.

Guests attending Halloween Horror Nights 20 will come face-to-face with Fear in the event’s scare zones and haunted houses, particularly the street zone appropriately called “XX: Fear Revealed.”

The other less revealing shirt added to Universal’s online shop includes the logos for each of this year’s haunted houses:

Halloween Horror Nights XX begins on September 24.

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