The saga concludes in Orlando as Star Wars Celebration V wraps up day 4 – yes, with a few more Slave Leias

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The four-day mega-event Star Wars Celebration V wrapped up its final day yesterday, August 15, 2010, in Orlando. After spending 20+ hours taking in all that is Star Wars over the convention’s first three days, I decided to sit the final day out.

But photographer Michael Gavin was there to keep us on top of all the most exciting and unique sights through the convention’s last hours. Here are some of his best photos accompanied by my commentary:

Mandelorian with the Death Star
This Mandelorian was found chilling near the Death Star.

Death Star engineers
Meanwhile a few Death Star engineers were ensuring everything was in order.

TIE Fighter head
I think the engineers misread the plans when designing this guy's TIE Fighter / helmet.

Death Star Derby Girls
Apparently the Death Star also has a female roller derby team...

Chef Vader serves up Jar Jar
...and a chef. Cream of Jar Jar anyone?

Storm Trooper in line
When not blasting Jedi, Storm Troopers wait in line, just like the rest of us.

Storm Trooper aims at the camera
I'd be worried if I were this guy in the blue shirt. Although not too much - Storm Troopers miss most of the time anyway.

Droid On Board the AT-AT
The AT-AT was sporting a "Droid On Board" sign.

Transport vehicle
This transport was just waiting to... transport... someone.

AT-AT stroller
On the convention floor, this stroller-turned-AT-AT made for a perfect nap spot.

Emperor Palpatine
But the Emperor was not pleased with his vehicles being used outside of battle.

Jay Laga'aia at NASA booth
Appropriately, actor Jay Laga'aia (Captain Typho) was checking out the NASA / Kennedy Space Center booth. Perhaps he's interested in really flying to a galaxy far, far away...

Tourist Storm Trooper
This Storm Trooper finished Star Wars Celebration V with Florida tourist style, not ready to leave Orlando quite yet.

Slave Leia
We might as well finish our daily Star Wars Celebration V updates with the most popular subject: Slave Leias. Here's one.

Slave Leia
And another.

Slave Leia
And one more to round it out, so to speak.

While that may be the end of Star Wars Celebration V, we’re not done with the fun quite yet. Keep checking back in the coming days for a few more galleries and a video too.

More photos from day 4 of Star Wars Celebration V:

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