Clever Jack-O-Lanterns adorn Main Street USA as Disney prepares the Magic Kingdom for Halloween

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Upon arriving at the Magic Kingdom tonight to experience Space Mountain’s new music for myself, I immediately spotted Halloween decorations beginning to pop up all over Main Street USA. With the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party taking place exactly two weeks from tonight, I’m not surprised Disney is beginning to decorate already.

I considered making this a new ParkSpotting post, but since the photos I have to share are all in one area of the park and on one subject, I thought it’d be best to simply offer a photo tour of the many creatively-carved pumpkins Disney has on display this year in the park.

Above Tony’s Restaurant, you’ll find Lady and the Tramp Jack-O-Lanterns, each slurping on spaghetti carved into a third pumpkin in the middle:


Tony's Restaurant with Lady and the Tramp Jack-O-Lanterns

The stores of Main Street USA each feature themed pumpkin designs that include sports balls, ice cream, and plenty of funny faces:

Main Street USA buildings

Hall of Champions sports Jack-O-Lanterns

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lanterns want ice cream!

The Main Street information board features a few pumpkins that remind me of the Dapper Dans:

Dapper Dans Jack-O-Lanterns perhaps?

Most amusing is what I hope is an intentional tongue-in-cheek joke placing a clown pumpkin in front of the window for Public Relations:

Main Street USA Jack-O-Lanterns

Here’s a slideshow of more pumpkins up and down Main Street USA, plus a few more Halloween/Fall decorations:

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