Universal Orlando continues to tease with update to Halloween Horror Nights XX 2010 web site

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Details surrounding Universal Orlando’s annual premiere Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights, are still scarce despite today’s update to their official web site.

Whether you call it Halloween Horror Nights XX, Halloween Horror Nights 20, or Halloween Horror Nights 2010, it’s still a milestone year as Universal creates its 20th year of horror-filled fun. And in celebration of that milestone, they appear to be bringing back characters from past years’ events with a healthy dose of nostalgia and plenty of self-praise. Their web site currently reads:

“Get ready for the ultimate in terror built upon nineteen years’ worth of ghoulish creatures and nightmarish frights, as a new era of darkness begins a the nation’s premier annual Halloween event.”

This is the second appearance of the phrase, “a new era of darkness,” being used to describe Halloween Horror Nights XX. Many Horror Nights die-hard fans believe this is a reference to a character from the event’s past known simply as “Darkness.”

The web site now features a thorough photo and video look into the past twenty years of Horror Nights history, referring to its different phases as “Origins,” “Early Years,” “Expansions,” and the most recent “Iconic Era,” which has featured a different “icon” character each year who has brought the whole event together. Could this year’s icon be “Darkness”? Or will all of the past icons be reunited? Notions of a “family tree” of sorts have been rumored, but nothing official has been announced yet.

Three sections of the “Twenty Years of Fear” web site area still remain labeled as “Coming Soon”: “Characters” “Environments”. When live, these may reveal much more about what we can expect from this year’s event. In the meantime, all we have to pique our curiosity is a flickering lantern with the letters “XX” mysteriously integrated into it:

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