Disney releases free official TRON iPhone/iPod game on Apple App Store

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Disney has released a new (and official) Tron game for iPhone and iPod Touch on Apple’s App Store. The game is a “tank shooter” and uses a visual style straight out of the world of “Tron.” It’s a fairly simple game, but the cost justifies the download – it’s free!

The game features 15 single-player levels of blasting enemies and upgrading tank weapons. A multiplayer mode allows you to join a “faction” and play online in 2-, 4-, or 6-player games. The overall score of all players who are part of each of 3 “factions” is viewable within the game.

It also seems that there is more in store for players when the San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 22. The game’s description in the App Store features a string of binary code that translates to “This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210.” Disney has revealed in the past that Light Cycle and Disc games are in the works, so one or both of these will either activate once SDCC begins, or we’ll just find out more information about them.

In addition to playing a game on “the grid,” the app allows users to watch a trailer for the upcoming Tron: Legacy film as well as find out more about “Tron Evolution,” the upcoming console video game. Tapping the Disney “D” logo in the upper-left of the game’s main menu brings up additional Disney apps/games to browse and purchase.

Tron: Legacy hits theaters December 17, 2010.

Get Disney’s new Tron game for free here.

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