Walt Disney World introduces monthly payment plan for Florida resident annual passes

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Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Following the Disneyland Resort’s lead, Walt Disney World yesterday began offering a monthly payment plan option for Florida residents interested in purchasing an annual pass to Disney’s Orlando theme parks.

The plan includes no finance charges, allowing those who can’t afford a full-price ticket all at once to split up payments throughout the course of a year.

When the pass is purchased, a required down payment is made in the amount equal to the price of a non-discounted one-day, one-park theme park ticket plus tax. The remaining cost of the pass is paid in 12 monthly payments, automatically charged to a credit card. The first monthly payment is charged on or around the day that you sign up, so the combination of the down payment plus this first payment results in the first month of owning the past costing a bit more than the remaining 11 months.

Eligibility requirements for the new monthly payment program include possessing a valid Florida driver’s license or Florida state-issued ID card with a Florida address and being at least 18 years of age.

A variety of passes are available to Florida residents as part of the plan including the Premium Annual Pass, which offers access to Walt Disney World’s four theme parks plus its two water parks. The total price for this pass is currently $520.81. But with the payment plan, guests can pay a down payment of $84.14 plus $36.39 for the first month (a total of $120.53) and begin enjoying the parks immediately, paying just $36.39 per month thereafter for the next 11 months.

The least expensive option that grants guests access nearly year-round (with some blackout dates) is the Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass which normally costs $179.99. The payment plan allows guests to pay $84.14 as a down payment on the pass plus only $7.99 per month for a year.

And if you happen to find yourself with an abundance of finances in any particular month, you can pay off the remaining balance of any of the passes on the payment plan with no penalties.

As of right now, the monthly payment program available only for the purchase of select new annual passes, not renewals, and can only be purchased online, not in person at Disney’s theme parks. Passes obtained under the program will not be automatically renewed.

More information about the new Walt Disney World monthly payment program, including additional pricing, can be found on Disney’s web site.

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