Rock ‘n’ Glow Dance Party adds energy to Summer Nightastic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Energy is infused into Disney’s Hollywood Studios at night with the new Rock ‘n’ Glow Dance Party, taking place each night on a stage in front of the theme park’s iconic giant Sorcerer Mickey hat. By day, the stage is used for the ongoing High School Musical-inspired show. But by night, park band Mulch, Sweat, & Shears and a DJ take the stage to get the crowd moving.

While the tunes of the theme park-created band Mulch, Sweat, & Shears do resemble rock music (with comedy mixed in), the rest of the night’s Rock ‘n’ Glow entertainment produced by DJs is less rock and more pop, with the occasional children’s song mixed in. Even so, the large crowd of guests I saw in front of the stage last night seemed to be enjoying themselves, dancing up a storm no matter what song was played.

Take a look at the party in action in this video that includes Disney characters Goofy and Pluto jumping in to show off a few moves on their own:

Guests of all ages were bustin’ a move as the DJ spun songs that ranged from Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” to the “Chicken Dance.” I witnessed young children bouncing around their parents as well as a few middle-aged women dancing on their own. Even notoriously difficult to please teenagers were enjoying the party. The relatively balmy weather and hot temperature didn’t seem to deter anyone who was in the mood to dance.

While this party is not personally my idea of great theme park entertainment, it’s clearly a crowd pleaser that will injects life into the night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios through August 14. And I suppose that is the definition of what Summer Nightastic is all about.

Crowd at the Rock n Glow dance party

DJ at the Rock n Glow dance party

Goofy at the Rock n Glow dance party

Pluto at the Rock n Glow dance party

Pluto at the Rock n Glow dance party

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