Disney to unveil assistive technology providing outdoor and menu audio descriptions for theme parks

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In addition to the more than 30 narrated indoor attraction audio descriptions currently available for visually impaired theme park guests (or anyone in need of assistance), Disney has announced plans to unveil similar narrations for its outdoor theme park areas.

Audio descriptions, provided via headsets, are designed help to guide guests who, for any reason, can’t fully experience the visual aspect of visiting a Disney theme park. Using assistive technology audio description devices, guests can still hear ambient sounds but will also receive descriptions of scenery, props, and characters around them.

Beginning soon, these audio descriptions will extend beyond indoor rides and shows and out into the streets of Disney’s theme parks and will even offer audible versions of restaurant menus for those who can’t read them.

Check back here to Inside the Magic on Tuesday, June 22 for a preview of what these new audio descriptions are all about.

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