Walt Disney Imagineer Jason Roberts talks Tower of Terror enhancements for Summer Nightastic

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Amidst all the buzz about the Main Street Electrical Parade returning to Walt Disney World as part of Disney’s Summer Nightastic, another classic attraction is receiving some exciting new changes. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is currently being enhanced to further mystify guests dropping by the iconic Hollywood Tower Hotel.

I spoke with Walt Disney Imagineering show producer Jason Roberts about the new effects, learning that whether you’re a hardcore Tower of Terror fan or first-timer, you will not miss the additions. While Roberts was unable to reveal any of the specifics, he did tell me that an assortment of Imagineers have touched the project as the new effects include new sounds, enhanced lighting, modified ride programming, and even a few new elements scattered throughout the ride’s queue.

Here’s my full interview with Imagineer Jason Roberts about the Tower of Terror:

As Roberts told me, the approach to the Tower of Terror along Hollywood Studios’ Sunset Boulevard at night will be unlike anything we’ve seen before, as Imagineers are adding some kind of “glow” effect to the exterior of the building. While this effect will only be visible at night (it is Summer Nightastic after all), the rest of the ride’s enhancements will be available for guests to enjoy throughout each day of the promotion.

The updated Tower of Terror is scheduled to premiere on June 6, the first day of Summer Nightastic. But guests visiting after August 14, the last day of Summer Nightastic, will find the Hollywood Tower Hotel returned to its “normal” state. The new effects are planned to be here for the summer only with no current plans to bring them to any other version of the attraction around the world.

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