Parkspotting At Disneyland Resort – May 1, 2010: People Watching And More Munchies

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ParkSpotting Disneyland Resort

For today’s ParkSpotting adventure, we jump coasts to California to take you to the Disneyland Resort on Saturday, May 1, 2010…

Mickey and Friends elevator buttons
Our adventure begins in the elevator in the Mickey and Friends parking garage. These elevator buttons are so cool.
California Food and Wine Festival demonstration
The California Food & Wine Festival is still going on at Disney’s California Adventure. We were able to get into yet another free cooking demonstration by Richard Ruskell. The host is a local actor named Kevin Gregg. Usually, he’s a cowboy in Frontierland.

Chocolate pudding at the California Food and Wine Festival
The Chef served us this yummy chocolate pudding…
Enjoying chocolate
…which my nephew loved.
A Bug's Land
The sign on the right of this photo tells park Guests that the temporary walkway between Flik’s Fun Fair and Hollywood Pictures Backlot is temporarily closed. So is there a temporary path to temporarily detour around the other temporary walkway? I’m not sure the sign is necessary.
Paradise Park
Here’s a view of the newly-opened Paradise Park. I really love the music here – similar to Main Street USA.
May the stink be with you...
Leaving California Adventure, we noticed this amusing t-shirt. A Google search later told me it has something to do with a garlic festival. But I suppose it seemed appropriate to wear in a hot theme park…
Josh Daws at Guest Relations
After Park Hopping to Disneyland, our first stop was Guest Relations to pick up my brother’s birthday button. Josh received a birthday greeting from Goofy over the phone. (Make sure to visit Guest Relations on your birthday!)
Hook and Ladder band
The Hook and Ladder band was very entertaining. The band leader commented on my brother’s Pixar shirt (see photo above), assuming Josh works for Pixar. He then turned off his mic and said, “Thanks! If it weren’t for Pixar, Disney would have been out of business a long time ago.” That brought a huge laugh from the crowd.
Interesting Disneyland park guests
More interesting people entering Tomorrowland. Extras from Captain EO, perhaps?
I always stop by Autopia to see my sister at work. Her name is Jenny, and she’s a model Cast Member. She loves making magic. Stop by and say hi if you’re ever in Tomorrowland.
Jedi Training Academy
I love to watch the Jedi Training Academy, especially when this guy plays the Jedi Master.  Not only does he do flips on stage, but he also has a quick wit that makes the show more entertaining for adults.
Jedi Training Academy
I love the Jedi Fedora.
Disneyland sitting area
In all my trips to Disneyland, I had never noticed this area. It is located between Tomorrowland and “it’s a small world.” I was surprised to find it ISN’T a smoking area – many shaded, quiet places are. I’d love to know what this was original.
Black Crown Night Herron
A red-headed crescent monkey bird. Beautiful red eyes.
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Here’s one of my favorite views of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Sometimes you have to stop and take it all in.
Frontierland store
Over in Frontierland, exploring the shops reveals how each is unique. This is my favorite.
Frontierland store
Check out the Pecos Bill.
Pirates of the Caribbean fountain
I had never looked closely at this Pirates of the Caribbean fountain/plaque before. Disneyland is just filled with details.

So, how many of you really believed the bird pictured above is called a “red-headed crescent monkey bird”? Yeah, I figured most of you would. It’s actually Black Crown Night Herron. My cousin, a bird expert, tells me they eat baby ducks. Let’s hope no park Guests see that, especially after seeing this recent post on the official Disney Parks Blog.

We hope you enjoyed this ParkSpotting tour through Disneyland Resort! Next time, Ricky will take you on another trip through a Walt Disney World park.

Jeremiah Daws and his brother Josh are theme park fans and filmmakers living the dream in California.
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