Enjoy the sights and sounds of Disney’s World of Color in your web browser

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Disney has launched a new web site that offers a virtual viewing experience of their upcoming World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure theme park.

The new site, DisneysWorldOfColor.com, places you virtually via your web browser along the Paradise Pier lagoon just as the World of Color show begins. It then takes you through the show’s intro and scenes featuring Wall-E, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and a short finale, each fully accompanied by fountains, “projected” visuals, and music.

The site also offers links (albeit hidden ones) to download a few songs featured from the show:

  • World of Color: Theme
  • World of Color: Wall-E
  • World of Color: Pocahontas
  • World of Color: Aladdin
  • World of Color: Finding Nemo
  • World of Color: The Lion King
  • World of Color: The Princess and the Frog
  • World of Color: Beauty and the Beast
  • I couldn’t find specific MP3 download links (yet) for the opening song or finale, so if anyone can figure those two out, please post them in the comments below.

    The World of Color show will have its official public debut on June 11 at Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.


    1. Emmanuel Elefante

      The World of Color Theme is the opening song in the show. As soon as the original WoC Tv Show theme ends in the show, it transistions to the Theme.

      Stil searching for the finale on the site.

    2. Jared

      I cannot seem to find any of the sequences on the site. All I get is an animated version of alcie and a bit of pocahantas then it just goes to a black lagoon. do i have to click on somthing?

      1. Ricky Brigante

        It takes some time to load, so if you’re not on a fast connection, you may just have to wait a bit longer.

    3. ralph

      Can anybody grab the original WOC theme, before the Amy Grant theme?

    4. Patch Ceresia

      How does one save the songs listed above

      1. Ricky Brigante

        Right click, and Save As or Save Target As.

      1. Crystal Dancer

        Hey, salamat!

      2. Peter

        Sweet, thanks.

    5. Stephen

      Thanks, Ricky!

    6. Jeremy

      Anybody have more music then what is listed above?! this is driving me nuts

    7. Emma

      Thank you so much for posting these Ricky – I am unlikely to make it over to California in the near future, but at least I can listen to some of the World of Color music!

      Emma 🙂

    8. Mark

      Thanks Ricky for the links. It’s awesome.

    9. Andre Willey

      Thanks Ricky (and others) for finding the links

    10. Mellan

      the link from ricky is almost the same as the link in the WoC website, how did he find it?

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