Darkwing Duck comic book becomes monthly series by popular demand

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Fan excitement over the upcoming Darkwing Duck comic book series has been so high that BOOM Studios and Disney have decided to extend the initial 4-comic deal into a monthly ongoing series.

When I first heard that BOOM Studios was working with Disney to create a 4-issue comic series based on the Darkwing Duck animated cartoon, I was extremely excited to return to the world of St. Canard. In fact, I was so excited that I interviewed the comic’s writer and one of its artists to find out more.

At the time, writer Ian Brill told me that if the 4-book series was well received, there was a possibility that it would turn into a long-term project. But I didn’t expect it to happen so soon – even before the first issue hit store shelves!

Quoted in the press release for the announcement, Brill said, “The fan response for Darkwing Duck has been amazing! The fans wanted more, so we’ll give them more! Not just more issues but more adventure and more humor. After the first story, which will have big changes for Darkwing and family, we’re going to take the readers on an even crazier ride!”

Darkwing Duck #1 ships on June 16, 2010, but you can preview the first five pages now.

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