New Wizarding World of Harry Potter video includes extended Forbidden Journey ride footage

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Universal’s previously released videos discussing the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction (here, here and here) have given us a small taste of what to expect out of the ride when it opens in the coming months. But a new video has surfaced on YouTube offering a slightly extended look at ride footage and a few additional bonus details:

The additional details in this video include…

A new shot of the backside of Dumbledore’s office:

A wider view of the front of the Dark Arts classroom (the video annotation points out that the door in the upper-left of the shot closes on its own):

Moving portrait of Quidditch viewers (with a Quidditch player flying past near the end of the shot):

Extended footage from the simulator portion of the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, showing Harry Potter and Ron Weasley flying around and over Hogwarts Castle and through a Quidditch match:

A shot from within Dumbledore’s office that shows Dumbledore himself, standing above his desk from where he will speak to guests:

(This is actually the second of Universal’s videos to use this shot featuring Dumbledore, rather than blacking out that area, as seen below.)

Additional information about the ride’s queue and path are also mentioned in the video:

“The queue guides you into the Dark Arts classroom, which is the classroom famous where Harry, Ron, and Hermione take many of their classes. What you don’t know is they’re actually in there with you. Partway through the queue they appear from under the invisibility cloak and they begin to address you, have a conversation with you.”

“You get to actually fly over Hogwarts and fly around the lake and on the various courtyards, actually take part in this great adventure with Harry and Ron. You fly past the castle towards the Quidditch match, actually fly around Quidditch, just absolutely breathtaking to experience dynamic motion and be out there with the Quiddich pairs high above the stadium.”

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter officially opens on June 18, 2010.

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