Disney cast members and fans channel Beyonce for “All the Single Riders” parody

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At a recent Walt Disney World College Program talent show, a few cast members, donning their attraction costumes, got up on stage and performed a parody of Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” with a Disney twist. With their new song titled “Single Riders (Got a Fast Pass),” these cast members certainly have developed a sense of humor about their jobs – and a few dance moves to enhance the comedy.

Here’s a video of them performing. Due to the crowd cheering, it’s hard to hear all of the lyrics, so I’ve included them underneath (transcribed by ‘elemusing’ on the DIS message board):

“Single Riders (Got a Fast Pass)” lyrics:
All the single riders
All the single riders
All the single riders
All the single riders (repeat)

Now put your hands up!

Up in the park
Just gettin’ dark
Can’t wait to ride some things

People wanna trip
Forget that lip???
Cause they didn’t choose the single rider lane

You’re wasting time
Standin’ in line
Gonna get a seat that’s mine

Gotta be quick
This ride is sick
No standby line for me

Cause if you like it then you should have got a Fastpass“>Fastpass
If you like it then you should have got a Fastpass
Don’t you hate on me cause you got in last
If you like it then you should have got a Fastpass

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (repeat)

Walkin’ up fast
This ain’t gonna last
You can’t be mad at me

Hour long wait
Not on my plate
I could care less what you think

I need no admission
Did I mention
I’m standin’ in a better position

Love bein’ me
Get in the parks free
Cause I’m a Disney CP!

(repeat chorus)

Don’t ride with me this time
This is the single rider line
What I’m doin’ is alright
It ain’t a crime
It’s a line that makes me, and it takes me, delivers me to my destiny
To a ??? beyond, it won’t do me no harm
I’m riding this on my own
And I don’t mind bein’ alone cause very soon I’ll be on.

Repeat All the single riders. . . .

There’s also a rehearsal version of their performance (that’s a bit easier to understand):

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first parody to substitute “Single Riers” for “Single Ladies.” A group of Disney fans uploaded their more-produced version of the song back in January:

It’s unclear whether the Disney college program cast members drew inspiration from seeing the above video on YouTube or whether it’s just two cases of a natural transition from Beyonce to Disney. Either way, we’re glad they took the time to put it all together with hilarious results.

Update: Now it is clear from Chris’s comment below that the Disney College Program group had not seen the other fan-made Beyonce parody prior to creating their own. It’s just a sign of creativity striking twice!

Source: DIS
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