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ITM: Show 521 – November 18, 2015

We head to Disneyland to kick off the Star Wars – Season of the Force event with Imagineer interviews, a walk through the Star Wars Launch Bay, and a ride on the new Jakku scene from The Force Awakens on Star Tours. Then we hop aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship for the debut of Tangled: The Musical, featuring a new Alan Menken song. Finally, The Walking Dead ride from Sally Corp and Cobra’s Curse roller coaster from Busch Gardens Tampa are previewed at the IAAPA Expo 2015.


  1. Steven


  2. chamilet

    Surely something happened between November 18 and the end of the year. Like Christmas, maybe? What happened?

  3. Lourin

    Hope everything is OK. Been missing the podcast.

  4. Jared

    Is Ricky still involved with ITM in any capacity? I really missed the Ear in Review show this year. I tweeted out to Ricky and Paul Barrie asking about it and only Paul responded, saying unfortunately there wouldn’t be one. Come on Ricky! Tell us what’s going on!

  5. Jason

    Wow.. I just realized I missed almost a year of podcasts… was there an announcement that ITM was being dropped from stitcher? Last episode was Apr 24, 2015. I’ve been waiting and waiting… and dropped in here to see if there was any news only to find there were a bunch of episodes from July to Nov that never made it to Stitcher. What’s going on? ITM went from a premiere Disney podcast to nothing but a facebook flood of articles.

    1. Jared

      10 years of weekly podcasts is impressive, and if Ricky felt it was time to move on, then who could blame him? I’m still hopeful for some kind of update. He’s been absent from social media for months. Hopefully everything is okay with him.

  6. Robert

    I too miss the weekly podcasts. I would download the podcast and listen to them as I drive to work. ALWAYS made my Mondays so much better. I understand life changes and how interests change too. Just wish the podcast could continue somehow. Even if it were just the “News Around The World” . I am thankful the website still lives and gets updated. Thanks Ricky for 10 wonderful years. I hope everything is ok.

  7. Chad

    I have sent emails and received no replies as of yet.

    Since the website re-design doesn’t feature a tab for the podcasts, I am guess that they are over.

    After 10 years, it seems unfair not to have one final podcast to close it out and allow us all to say good-bye to it.

  8. Hope everything is OK. Been missing the podcast.

  9. Zachary Eslick

    The podcast was so important why can’t the new guys sit around on skype and talk about the news. I now there’s a lot more work than just that but I know it’s also not super hard ether.

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