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Toy Review: Marvel superhero fun with Hulk, Spider-Man, and Captain America

In anticipation of the upcoming movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” next year and “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” in 2018, today we feature an assortment of Marvel superhero merchandise that Disney sent over for a review.

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Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists

Smash and bash your way around the house when you unleash your inner Hulk with these Gamma Green Smash Fists.

These fists will fit both kids’ and adults’ hands and can be used to play with on their own or even as a part of a Halloween costume.


These hands are made out of a foam that is soft so no one gets hurt, yet tough enough to be durable. The foam lacks an audible “punch” when impacting something, but a little imagination can make up for that. The fists have a great realistic look, resembling human skin much more than plastic toys would.


Spider-Man Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web-Slinging Spider-Man Figure

Swing in to action and save the city with this 13-inch Spider-Man action figure with the ability to shoot both water or spidey web.

Included in the package is the 13 inch Web-Slinging Spider-Man figure, 1 can of Spidey Shot Web Fluid (additional cans can be purchased separately) and a refillable water bottle. Both the figure and the water bottle are made of hard plastic and seems to be able to take some damage.

To shoot the web you connect either the water bottle or the web fluid and then press with your finger on his back. Kids will have to use two hands because it can be tricky to hold the figure and push the button at the same time.

Switching between water and web fluid can be done with ease. All you have to do is to remove his hands from the bottle and you can switch it out. I played with the figure for quite a while (hard work, right?) and neither can ran out a single time, so they shouldn’t have to be replaced too often. Naturally, this is a messy toy so parents be ready for a bit of cleanup. But it sure is fun.

Captain America: Winter Soldier iPhone 5/5s Case

Let Captain America’s shield protects your phone with this cool clip case. The design is inspired by the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie.

The case is made out of hard plastic and has a metallic looking surface which mimics the shiny shield worn by Captain America.

The set includes the phone case, a screen guard to protect the screen from scratches and a cleaning cloth.

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