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New Release! Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Doll – Mulan & Li Shang from Disney Store

Today a new Fairytale Designer Collection doll set was released at the Disney Store. Elegantly dressed in a beautiful kimono with delicate golden embroidery, Mulan brings honor to her family. Paired with the handsome Li Shang, this set of Disney Fairytale Designer Collection dolls proves true love conquers all.

Mulan and Li Shang Doll Set – Disney Fairytale Designer Collection



  1. Nan

    Kimonos are Japanese-Mulan is Chinese!!!!

    1. Nice try, but you are incorrect. Kimono is pretty much universal, on top of that “Kimono” has roots from CHINA — NOT Japan —

      Do your research better next time.

      So Disney is in FACT correct, they ARE Chinese Kimono.

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