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An image of the Tower of Terror, a gloomy, haunted-looking building, illuminated by a neon sign under a stormy sky with a lightning bolt striking.

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    Fun article and something I knew from reading the press kit years ago.
    Another fun fact: The “proof of concept” was done with Legos! I saw the original model years ago that was on display I think at Epcot.

    (And Soarin’ proof-of-concept was done with Erector set parts!)

  2. Darth Analysis

    Wait, wait… so science helped build the Tower of Terror? But science also says the Coronavirus is real, that vaccines work and wearing a mask can help slow the spread.

    That’s all impossible! Science can’t be right about things!

    1. Fun fact: the vaccines have killed more people in the first 3 months than the Chinese Joevid virus did in its first 3 months. Another fun fact, if you’re afraid of a virus that has more than a 99% survival rate, you might want to just live in a bubble.

      1. Over 230 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through April 26, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 3,848 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS.

  3. Mike Peraino

    Fun fact: It isn’t the Tower of Terror anymore and hasn’t been for at least a couple years. It is now a Guardian of the Galaxy ride.

    1. JG

      It’s only Guardians of the Galaxy in Cali. Still the same Tower of Terror in Orlando. I rode it last week 🙂

    2. CaptainObvious

      It’s still the Tower of Terror in Disney World. Hence talking about Disneyland’s GotG variant at the end of the article.

  4. Jamie

    It’s still the Tower of Terror OG in Orlando. GoG retheming only happened in Cali. Orlando is still the same 🙂

  5. Paul

    Fun ToT trick that shows you’re being pulled faster than gravity. While on the ride, hold your hand out flat and put a coin in it. When the ride drops, the coin will briefly rise and float above your hand since the coin is falling with gravity and you’re being pulled down faster.

  6. Carmen A. Scozzari

    Fantastic article! I always wondered how that ride works. Is it manual and power wheelchair accessible?

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