In Defense of Disney Vlogging

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Vlogging is a controversial, divisive practice with intense opinions equally for and against it.

Adamant supporters and hardcore opposers alike have plenty to say about video blogging (better known as “vlogging”). Vlogging creates new outlets for self-expression and can even be used as a gateway to sharing information and ideas, which may benefit viewers. But it can also become invasive, intrusive, distracting, and discomforting when vloggers do not practice integrity.

The popularity of Disney World vlogs in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland vlogs in Anaheim, California, and Disney vlogs at other Parks and Resorts worldwide has increased drastically over the last decade. Since neither the Disneyland nor Disney World camera policy currently prohibits in-park filming, specifically (except for in select non-public access areas that may not be recorded), Disney vloggers can primarily enjoy the freedom to shoot and record whenever and wherever they want onsite.

But that’s not necessarily good news for Guests who value their privacy and do not want their children or themselves unknowingly appearing in clips intended for social media outlets or shared public forums. Some folks even support a complete Disney vlogging ban or, at the very least, the enforcement of stricter Disney Park filming permission requirements.

Here at Inside the Magic, we feel that the positives of vlogging outweigh the negatives. So, we’re exploring all the benefits of Disney vlogging and offering advice on the best practices to inspire better in-park vlogging experiences for everyone.

A camera films with a burry background. No people are in the photo, referencing the emptiness of the Hollywood strike.

Experience Disney Remotely

Watching online Disney vlogs is excellent when you cannot be onsite at your preferred Disney Park or Resort. That’s the beauty of vlog travel—being able to watch and transcend to any location instantly and feel like you’re experiencing everything firsthand. You can even ride rides and enjoy attractions filmed in high-definition quality with front-row POV.

Incredicoaster at Disneyland, front row

Help with Vacation Planning

Vlogs can help acquaint you with locations you need to learn more about by providing a needed visual and perspective. This is especially beneficial when planning an upcoming vacation to some Disney destination you’ve never been to.

You can even take tours of different hotels you’ve never stayed at but are considering and view all the different room styles and options. Sure, you can read guidebooks and look at printed maps, but sometimes, it’s much more refreshing and helpful to see a casual everyday person making the rounds on camera.

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Real-Time Indicators

The Disney camera-recorded footage featured in official planning videos or promos doesn’t show the whole picture. Instead, you get idealized, uncrowded scenes with smiling families experiencing everything premium and perfect.

That’s where following a real-time daily vlog can prove far more reliable. Here, you get to learn it all like it is and see the truth in what you get with a Disney vacation, struggles, and all.

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Stay Current on Updates

Disney Parks and Resorts are constantly experiencing sudden changes or undergoing temporary updates/refurbishments. Therefore, following a trusted, consistently updated vlog can help you stay current on what is going on at a given time.

Learn Helpful Hacks

Many vloggers share their expertise and firsthand knowledge of navigating Disney Parks with viewers. They often divulge lesser-known secrets to take note of and reveal plenty of awesome hacks as well. So, watching Disney vlogs can be educational.

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Rules and Policies

No vlogger should ever assume that rules don’t apply to them or that they are entitled to special treatment. All Disney-established rules and regulations exist for good reasons, including safety and providing for the most mutually magical experiences to be enjoyed by all Guests.

Even though no Disney Park has established any outright bans on in-park filming, Tokyo Disney Resort has recently updated its rules regarding the different kinds of recording permitted at both Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea in an attempt to crack down on negative media forms.

It’s also worth mentioning that Universal Orlando Resort already has stricter recording rules in place, including the prohibiting of filming while attending certain attractions. In-park vlogging while not on rides is still permitted, however.

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Advice for Vlogging

While we don’t support an outright ban on in-park filming and vlogging, we all agree that certain boundaries must be established and specific rules put into place so that vloggers and privacy-seeking Guests alike can enjoy exceptional Disney experiences.

If vloggers actively practice respect for other Guests, and if Disney starts cracking down on certain types of recording allowed or otherwise, the vlogging issue won’t be so overblown. It can be treated like any other old-school home movie-making endeavor, focusing on the subject and experience while leaving the other Guests out of the equation entirely.

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What are your thoughts about vlogging at Disney Parks and Resorts? Let us know in the comments.

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