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Han Solo talking to Rey on Takodana in The Force Awakens

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Erica E Brodie

    Now that Rey’s coming out with her new movie, will Finn and Rey have that romance between them that should of happen between them in the Rise of the Skywalker instead of a force romance between Kylo Ren and Rey that wasn’t build up it was never hinted between them that romance between them came out of nowhere and that kiss between them wasn’t even romantic even JJADAMS said so infact Daisy Ridley said that her character hated Kylo Ren so why did they get them together romantically instead of a Finn and Rey romance that was build up in the Force Awakening. Now that Kylo Ren is dead what’s stopping Finn and Rey to have that romance between them that should of happen between them in the Rise of the Skywalker and build back up that romance between them in Rey’s new movie coming out in 2026.

    1. Yvonne

      Ugh! I hope not!
      As far as fixing things-Disney is too little too late

    2. Stephan Larose


  2. Jay

    As I recall about Maul,Though sliced in half, Zabrak anatomy is durable enough to have survived. As for Sabine her wound was to the side and hit her liver, which in a day and age of Bacta and clone organs isnt an issue especially since in present day and technology ae can do Liver transplants. Quigon was stabbed in a manner that pierced his upper spine and that cuts the signals of autonomous functions to the body from the brain. With the Inquisitor in Obi Wan i am not sure would have to rewatch it.

  3. Seth

    Interesting piece, but the pair from “The Mandalorian” are definitely NOT as iconic as Han Solo and Chewbacca!

  4. Me

    It’s not replacing it Goofy. And the sequels are not widely hated you just say that because some very loud people on the internet told you to hate it because they want everybody to agree with them

    1. JadeVR

      Thank you for staying something I was ready to say. These sites that post stories like this, just because the “Internet” hates something, doesn’t mean that all these others must too. They need to grow up and stop thinking the Internet is the ONLY word.
      I enjoyed the sequels, even if they’re not up to the same level as the original trilogy. As for the sequels being replaced, people forget, they’re not being erased. They still will exist, and just because a series goes one direction, it doesn’t make it binding.

      1. JadeVR

        typos suck

    2. Kelly

      There was a reason Solo tanked at the box office. It is because of the way Disney forced leftist propaganda into an iconic franchise. They neutered Skywalkers long established optimistic character In a manner showing the typical misandry from the feminist movement. Solo actually was a good show, but how do you take episode 6 Luke skywalker and turn him into episode 8 Luke skywalker? He saves Vader and destroys The emperor/empire only to lose it all over his rebellious nephew?

    3. BobOki

      I know this will be hard to believe, but every single indicator that exists says you are wrong. The movies were duds with Disney biting out whole theaters and giving people free tickets to raise their numbers. The reviews were fine until the second movie, and that is because it was horrible, broke so much Star Wars lore, introduced hilarious problems today so not exist in that universe like starship fuel and warp speed collision tactics, which actually break existing lore on how it works.

      The writing was terrible, disjointed, pointless, and boring, with people letting their egos get in the way of common sense, which also goes against existing lore and rebel officer behavior. The scores on multiple sites were bad, because like other shows you trolls day are review bombed, they were just bad movies and shows. The Force Awakens got his reviews because it was decent, had it’s blazing issues, but was otherwise give, if not playing it safe regurgitating plots for the original movies. After that is just bad. Rogue One was pretty good, it got good reviews. Mando season 1 was amazing, it got good reviews. Now, everything else was hot trash and guess what, got bad reviews. Mando season 2 was passable at best with a cool last episode. Every other movie and show was just terrible with main characters reduced to a caricature of themselves and reduced to mere backgrounds characters. Politics from current days are ham fisted into space stories from not our days fully breaking immersion both on and off screen… And did I mention most of all they were just not good movies.

      You can live in your hilarious Twitter or Reddit echo chamber, but don’t think anyone else will agree with your delusions. The movies and shows bombed, no toys were sold when old characters still do, reviews were bad, no sequels came off any of them because they were bad, and pretty much no one is going to see any of them, as well as super low watch numbers on the TV shows with Disney+losing record subscribers.

      Not sure what planet far far away you lived on, but the rest of us are here on earth, where only a liar or fool thinks anyone likes, much less would replace the originals, for this universe. Most fans consider this franchise dead, and marvel on its last toe.

  5. T

    Luke was the first one to talk to dead Jedi. For example. Obiwan and Yoda in episode V. Not Rey.

  6. Evol

    Give finn some damn training or time skip some in give him justice

  7. StonedNight

    anyone who knows star wars should understand a show is trite when even a toy company that goes hand in hand with this brand says there’s no demand for the toy and dips on making it

  8. John

    Now they are introducing witchcraft into Star Wars,
    When will they stop with these boring series and get back to basics

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