“Drinking Around the World” Turns Violent, Man Throws Beer at Child

in Walt Disney World

Adults drinking around the world

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“Drinking around the world” is one of the most popular adult trends at Walt Disney World Resort. It challenges guests to enjoy an alcoholic drink from all eleven EPCOT World Showcase countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the American Adventure (United States), Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Annual events like the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, Festival of the Holidays, and Flower and Garden Festival bring more adult beverages to the Disney park.

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Walt Disney World Resort is continuously increasing alcoholic beverage offerings throughout the Disney theme parks. While incredibly popular, the drinks are controversial. Many fans feel that drinking is out of place in a family environment. Others blame “drinking around the world” for increasing misbehavior and violence.

Torii Gate at EPCOT's Japan Pavilion
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Negative personal experiences with intoxicated guests scorn some Disney Parks fans. Reddit user u/Tight_Data_9939 recently shared their experience of being attacked by guests who had a little too much fun “drinking around the world.”

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“During food and wine, a group of drunk college guys actually got screaming angry at my FOUR year old child who had one of those Mickey light up wand/swords,” the guest recalled. “Was my child hitting them or in their space? No. My child had his wand on… that’s it.”

“One guy said he was too wasted for the lights and threw his beer at my child and yelled at him,” they continued. “Now bc he was so wasted he missed by a mile… but seriously?!? You are 20 HE WAS FOUR!!! And he was being a good boy too, just playing with his wand minding his own business to the side.”

Guests watch the EPCOT Forever fireworks display at Walt Disney World Resort
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“We turned right around,” the guest wrote. “Told a nearby cast member and just left the park. We were near the international entrance and just left out there as we felt it was time to get our child out of there. We have never taken any of our children to food and wine nights since—daytime yes.”

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Disney Parks fans were horrified.

“Ugh that’s terrible,” said u/Own-Hyena-551. “That’s assault you know.”

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT inside Walt Disney World Resort
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The guest added that they wish Walt Disney World Resort would limit alcohol consumption throughout Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Generally speaking, the worst behaviour I see is typically by people who are wasted in the parks,” they argued. “I am so tired of this. I wish Disney would ban alcohol or at least limit it with some sort of counting connection to your ticket (of course they won’t bc it’s a major revenue stream).”

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