Don’t Be That Guest – Rude Disney World Guest Behavior We Can’t Stand

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A Walt Disney World Resort vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for many people. Hopping between Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT can get tiring, and a Disney Parks vacation is not cheap. Stress from vacation budgets, timelines, and family members can mean tensions run high and Guests are not always on their best behavior.

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These days, it seems that news for Disney World too often includes tales of bad Guest behavior like scuffles in single rider lines at Disney World, issues with Guests skipping in line, or even a family fight at Disney World! Keep your attitude in check and be respectful to others at Disney World. These are the Disney World Guest habits that get under our skin.

Pushing the Boundaries with Cast Members

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Cast Members are a great resource at Walt Disney World and are always happy to assist Guests. Walt Disney World procedures and rules exist to ensure all Guests have a fun and safe vacation. It’s awful to see a Guest disrespecting the Park and Cast Members by questioning practices, pushing the limits with safety rules, or ignoring Cast Member requests.

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Everyone hates seeing that arrogant Guest who thinks they can boss around the Cast Members just because they are on a Disney trip. From long-time Cast Members to newbies in the Disney College Program, all these magic makers deserve respect and compliance from Guests.

Breaking in Line

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Unfortunately, almost everything at Walt Disney World involves a line. Boarding Disney transportation, buying snacks in the Park, and waiting for attractions like The Haunted Mansion or slides at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park always involve waiting in line. Line breakers are some of the most despised people at Disney World. Waiting your turn politely is the only way to behave. Everyone wants to see the attraction, so don’t think about skipping or cutting in line.

Family Fighting in Disney Parks

Guests fighting at Magic Kingdom, a red arrow, a censored image of the aftermath of a Disney World fight, blood is on the ground.

The heat, cost, and togetherness of Walt Disney World can become overwhelming for families and cause nerves to run high. Most Disney fans have seen at least one family having a not-so-magical meltdown in a Park. Not only are these public shouting matches inappropriate, but they also ruin the Disney experience for the kids in the family and are embarrassing for other Guests to watch.

Stopping at the End of Stairs and Escalators

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Stopping at the end of escalators is a problem that runs rampant at Walt Disney World. Exiting The Living Seas, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and even Disney Springs parking garages are a danger zone because some Guests stop directly at the threshold of the escalator to look around. Taking a moment to get oriented and exit the ride or shop is understandable. Still, please step to the right or left of the threshold to look around to aboid a Guest pileup.

Refusing to Move Back on the Bus or Monorail

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From the Friendship Boats and the Monorail to the Disney Skyliner and the buses -Guests spend plenty of time on Disney transportation during their stay. When Guests refuse to listen to the request of transportation officials and move back to make more space, it slows down productivity significantly. Moving to the back of a Disney bus or boat to utilize all available standing rooms can means more Guests can ride.

Navigating Walt Disney World Parks like Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a stroller is no easy task. If you use a stroller, cart, or scooter at Walt Disney World, be aware of your surroundings and the Guests nearby. Nearby pedestrians should try to avoid blocking the way of strollers and scooters if possible.

Stopping in A Busy Walkway

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Disney crowds are surging, so traffic flow in the Parks is more crucial than ever. Stopping to consult a map, take a photo, or talk to someone else in your travel group in the middle of a busy walkway is annoying for other Guests. Keeping the flow of traffic moving is essential to avoid injury and Guest pile up. Particularly after a parade or show, stepping off to the side to gather your group or take a photo is optimal.

Paying More Attention to A Screen Than the Line

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Technology on a Disney vacation is a must. After all, the My Disney Experience App is the key to Disney vacation magic. Still, be conscious of your tech usage in the Parks. Taking the time to monitor the line you are in or pay attention to the direction you are walking is so important. Most Disney fans have, at some point, been stuck behind a Disney Guest glued to their phone that held up the line as a result. Be courteous to other Guests by remaining aware of your surroundings.

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Have you experienced any of these Disney theme Park Guest faux pas? You should check out Inside the Magic for more details about dining, Disney World Annual Pass, or a Disney crowd calendar.

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